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campus.” IMPACT: “Through the launch of national programs like the Elks Scholar Week of. Service, we've had an impact on Elks Scholars across the country. ...... Independence, OR,. No. 1950. Titusville, PA, No. 264. Apollo, PA, No. 386. Bristol, PA, No. 970. Sayre, PA, No. 1148. Aliquippa, PA, No. 1221. Ephrata, PA, No.
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A MESSAGE FROM THE ENF BOARD Dear Friends: Share. Give. Join. Over the past year, this has become our mantra as we sharpen our focus on a central goal driving our current strategic plan: Inspiring our scholarship recipients to become champions of the Order. We want our scholarship recipients to:  Share their stories with us and, in turn, with you.  Give their time to the Elks and/or make donations to the Foundation.  Join the Order. To accomplish these objectives, we are working hard to energize our involvement with our Elks scholars. We want to be seen as more than the name on a check. So, we’ve created new opportunities for the students to interact and get involved with us in ways that highlight our shared values. One important value we have in common is community service. It’s a hallmark of the Elks, and it’s also a criterion in our Most Valuable Student and Legacy Award scholarship contests. The Elks work to build stronger communities and today’s students who win our scholarships are eager to make a difference in the world. It’s a natural partnership.


We’re also building a strong sense of community among our Elks scholars by enabling them to interact with one another and expand their personal networks. Elks scholars are now getting together to study, socialize, and share their ideas and ideals, as well as perform community service in the name of the Elks. This year’s report offers an excellent overview of our scholar relations program, which has been in place now for almost two years. Our efforts are starting to pay off, as evidenced by more and more scholars who recognize the Elks family in their personal comments and thank-you notes. We’re changing how today’s successful students—and tomorrow’s leaders—view the Elks. We don’t just write their checks. We’re partners in their collegiate experience, their community service, and beyond. As their new relationship with the Elks continues to develop, we believe that our scholars will start to see us as the organization they’d like to join. Thanks so much for your loyal support. I hope you enjoy reading “Share. Give. Join.” Sincerely and Fraternally,

Robert J. Sabin, Chairman ENF Board of Trustees

LEARNING THE MISSION: ELKS SCHOLARS GET INVOLVED AND GIVE BACK For nearly 80 years, thousands of students have gone to college thanks to the generous contributions of Elks around the nation. On their behalf, the Elks National Foundation awards more than $3.64 million in college scholarships each year. Scholarships are a vital investment in educating the nation’s students. But recent efforts by the ENF have further accelerated the donors’ return on their investment. With the help of an advisory board of scholars, the ENF is using the scholarship programs as a springboard to inspire Elks scholars to join together, get involved and give back. Through the Elks Scholar Advisory Board, student scholars are volunteering their time and talents in communities nationwide, while preparing to become tomorrow’s leaders in Elks Lodges. “The ENF scholar relations program not only engages our Elks scholars but also introduces them to the lifelong opportunities of Lodge membership and serving in their communities. We believe that Elks scholars and alumni will become a dynamic and influential national network representing the Elks and supporting our important mission of helping Elks build stronger communities,” says Assistant Director Debbie Kahler Doles.

ELKS SCHOLARS STATS 2000 – 10  Total scholarships awarded: 9,614  Class of 2010: 44% graduated with honors  Top 10 schools attended by Elks scholars:

Harvard University (109)

Brigham Young University (103)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (95)

University of Notre Dame (82)

University of Florida (77)

University of California - Los Angeles (73)

Stanford University (70)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (67)

University of Pennsylvania (63)

Yale University (63)

 Top 3 majors:

Biology (240)

Engineering (217)

Business (124)

 Top 10 home states:


(1,100) CA

(424) IL

Established in 2009, the Elks Scholar Advisory Board is led by Elks scholars who have been awarded a Most Valuable Student scholarship, Legacy Award or an Emergency Educational Grant. Board member responsibilities include monthly online meetings and attending the annual Scholar Advisory Board meeting held during the Grand Lodge Convention in July.



(388) OH



(365) WI



(358) MI



(340) PA

 Study abroad locations include: Chile, China, Egypt, England, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Korea, South Africa and Spain


1 2


W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F


“We’ve charged the Advisory Board members with implementing new scholar initiatives and brainstorming ways to encourage all Elks scholars to give back by sharing stories, giving their time and joining the Order,” says Kahler Doles.

ERIKA BARGER 2006 Legacy Award Sponsored by Ormond Beach, Fla., Lodge No. 2193 Elks Scholar Advisory Board: Senior Representative Class of 2010, Georgetown University, B.A., Government & History

ADVANTAGE: “I’m deeply grateful for my Legacy Award, which helped me to attend Georgetown and volunteer for many great causes, including visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.” IMPACT: “In December 2008, I became a fourthgeneration member of the Elks, joining my father, grandfather, greatgrandfather and both of my brothers. I currently serve as my Lodge’s government relations chair.” AHEAD: “I’ll enter the Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport, Fla., to pursue my law degree. It is my intention to remain a member of the Elks throughout my life and to do my best to promote Elks programs.”

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In 2009, the Board’s leadership included these outstanding students:

 Washington, D.C.: Six Elks scholars from Georgetown University participated in the Wall Washers project. They cleaned both sides of the 164-foot Korean War Veterans Memorial, washing 19 steel statues and granite slabs. “I loved being able to wash the memorial in order to do my own small part to say thank you to our troops,” says Emily Gaard, a 2006 Legacy Award recipient.

 Jacob Wellman, University of New Mexico, president (see profile on page 4).

To learn more about Elks scholars’ initiatives, visit

 Alison McQuade, graduate of Salve Regina University, secretary – 2005 EEG, sponsored by Springfield, Mass., Lodge No. 61.


 Prateek Kumar, Harvard University, scholar outreach committee chair – 2007 MVS, sponsored by Colonie, N.Y., Lodge No. 2192.  Erika Barger, Georgetown University, senior representative (see profile at left).  Jennifer Swartz, Kettering College of Medical Arts, at large representative – 2007 MVS, sponsored by Middletown, Ohio, Lodge No. 257.  Clara Ritger, University of Notre Dame, freshman representative – 2009 James A. Vecchio MVS, sponsored by La Habra, Calif., Lodge No. 2095 and Minden/Douglas, Nev., Lodge No. 2670. “I applied to join the Advisory Board because I wanted to give back, and I also wanted to play a role in building stronger ties among some of America’s best and brightest students,” explains Kumar.

Elks scholars are passionate about service—it’s one of the criteria for the MVS and Legacy Award scholarships. The ENF wants scholars to view the Elks as partners in their service. The ENF awards four $500 Cornerstone Grants annually to scholars and alumni who wish to expand their service. Recent Cornerstone Grant recipients include:  Deanna Cettomai, 2001 MVS scholar, who supports the JACQUES Café: Food for Thought, a coffee shop in Ravenna, Ohio, where residents living with HIV can socialize and get support. She will purchase appliances and supplies to improve the café.  Shawn Domanic, 2006 MVS scholar, who volunteers for the Commonwealth Tenants Association’s after-school program. He will purchase books and art supplies to enhance activities for the children in Brighton, Mass.

JACOB WELLMAN 2008 MVS Scholarship Sponsored by Albuquerque, N.M., Lodge No. 461 Elks Scholar Advisory Board: President, Junior Representative Class of 2012 University of New Mexico Major: Political Science & Sustainability Studies

ADVANTAGE: “The MVS Award has lessened my financial pressures, so I’ve been able to get more involved. I started a fraternity to reform Greek life at UNM and organized a student co-op grocery store on campus.”

By connecting Elks scholars nationwide, the ENF further promotes student service through such activities as the Elks Scholar Week of Service. During the 2010 event, held April 18 to 24, Elks scholars in 13 different locations supported the cause of “community clean-up.” Here are just two examples:

IMPACT: “Through the launch of national programs like the Elks Scholar Week of Service, we’ve had an impact on Elks Scholars across the country. The Elks provide me with a positive role model.”

 Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Elks scholars created a community garden outside one of Harvard’s residence halls, planting everything from onions to tomatoes. The garden’s harvest will be shared among Harvard students and faculty, as well as the nearby community.

AHEAD: “I plan on going to law school and helping to create national policies to address major problems facing society.”

Allison Barr, 2006 MVS scholar, uses Cornerstone Grant funds to promote healthy living to kids at her local YMCA.

W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F


The ENF also recognizes an Alum of the Year—one outstanding Elks scholar alum who demonstrates a commitment to volunteering. The 2009 Alumnus of the Year was Christina Vuocolo, a 2001 MVS scholar. She was able to give back by joining with college friend and NBA athlete Randy Foye to launch the Randy Foye Foundation, an organization in Newark, N.J., dedicated to inspiring youth to follow their ambitions. Through scholarships and grants, the Elks are helping bright students across the country become better prepared to be future leaders in our communities and worldwide.

“As the president of the Elks Scholar Advisory Board, I have been part of a national network of students committed to leadership in both community service and academic achievement. This experience makes me proud to be an Elks scholar and taught me a great deal about leadership,” says Wellman.“ The Elks will continue to influence me as a student and beyond.” To learn more about the Elks scholars initiatives, please visit scholars/enfscholars.cfm.

FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS During the 2009-10 fiscal year, the Elks National Foundation:  Received $7,483,020 in total contributions and bequests  Spent $15,920,055 on grants, scholarships and other programs  Maintained administrative expenses at $1,731,885 Here’s how we invested ENF funds, by percentage of expenses.

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40.9% 18.7% 9.8% 8.6% 8.6% 5.7% 5.2%8 2.2% SHAREGIVEJOIN


CONTRIBUTIONS AND EXPENSES IN 2009-10 Contributions and Bequests

$ 7,483,020

Program Expenses State Grants

$ 7,222,040


$ 3,306,555

Veterans Memorial

$ 1,525,136

Youth Programs

$ 1,520,284

Community Investments Program

$ 1,002,062

Veterans Service






Administrative Expenses

$ 1,731,885

Total Expenses

$ 17,651,940

The return on your charitable investment is very important to us:   The ENF gave back 40.91 percent of our distributions to state associations and 5.7 percent to the Lodges through our Community Investments Program.   The ENF spent only 9.8 percent on administrative expenses. This is well below the Better Business Bureau’s standard for charity accountability, which is 35 percent or less on administrative expenses. S TAT E M E N T O F F I N A N C I A L P O S I T I O N — M A R C H 3 1 , 2 0 1 0


Total Assets


Total Liabilities

$ 46,268,087

Total Net Assets


Thank you so much for your support. You are the Great Heart of Elkdom. The financial highlights for 2009-10 were summarized from the Financial Statements of the Elks National Foundation, March 31, 2010, with the Report of Independent Auditor, Diehl & Associates. Complete financial statements, including all notes, may be obtained by contacting the Elks National Foundation, 2750 N. Lakeview Ave, Chicago, IL 60614; phone 773.755.4728; e-mail [email protected]

OTHER W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F


DONOR HONOR ROLL We salute the following members of the 2009-10 Foundation Fellowship who contributed $250 or more to the ENF from April 1, 2009 through March 31, 2010. To learn more about Foundation Fellowship recognition and to view the benefits for each level, visit

C U M U L AT I V E G I V I N G L E V E L K E Y The two-letter notation following a donor’s name refers to his or her cumulative giving level, based on total donations from a donor since inception of the Foundation. For more information on cumulative giving levels, visit To view your own annual giving total, visit

Sustaining Member [SM]...............$250 Distinguished Member [DM].........$500 Honorary Founder [HF]...............$1,000 Permanent Benefactor [PB]........$2,000 Bronze [BZ]...................................$5,000

Silver [SL]................................ $10,000 Gold [GD]............................... $20,000 Platinum [PL].......................... $50,000 Diamond [DA]..................... $100,000 + Denotes deceased members.

CHARITY [$5,000]

HOPE [$2,500]

Mr. Edward J. Adams SL Mr. Philip Barnhard IV SL Mr. Thomas Bartley SL Mr. Lee I. Burr Jr. GD Mr. John W. Buza SL Mr. Lee R. Curtis GD Mr. K. Duane Denney GD Mr. Robert Failing GD Mr. Donnie Fain SL Mr. Jim Huang GD Mr. Elvin P. Jacobsen GD Mr. William A. Jennings SL Mr. Michael D. Kinney BZ Ms. Betty J. Kopfhammer GD Mr. Brian M. Lawrence SL Mr. Charles W. Lester GD Mr. Robert B. Lowe GD Mr. Ronald Moeller PER BZ David and Stephanie Mundy SL Mr. Gerald W. Oltman BZ Mr. Jeffrey E. Patterson GD Mr. Carl W. Riffle GD Ms. Carolyn I. Shupe BZ Mr. Lawrence L. Stitt PL Mr. Albert D. Watts SL

Mr. Leo A. Achterman Jr. SL Mr. Bernard H. Allen BZ Mr. Donald G. Anderson BZ Mr. David Back PB Mr. Theodore Bartels BZ Mr. Terry L. Brown SL Mr. Kenneth A. Daire Jr. PB Mr. James E. Dillon Jr. PB Ms. Beverly A. Hamby PER SL Mr. Lawrence H. Hannon PB Mr. Richard E. Harris SL Mrs. Patricia A. Heller-Jackson GD Mr. Victor L. Johns SL Mr. Tadesuz R. Krupa BZ Mr. Albert A. Manzo BZ Mr. Robert R. May BZ Ms. Margaret McDonald BZ Mr. Ronald A. McVey SL Mr. Paul R. Mellott BZ Mr. George E. Miller GD Mr. Derrick A. Mills BZ Mr. Dennis Moeckel PB Mr. Grant P. Neilson SL Mrs. Jody M. Patterson SL Mr. Ernest P. Roales SL

7 8


Mr. Edward D. Sanman III SL Mr. Gunther Schroth PB Mr. William Scrimgeour PL Ms. Gail L. Sessler PER BZ Mr. William J. Snow SL Mr. Joseph Timcoe GD Mr. Patrick A. Topping BZ Mr. James A. Vecchio SL Mr. Bill Voltmer BZ Mr. Melvin E. Walker BZ Mr. John J. Williams PB Howard and Violet Ziebell GD

FAITH [$1,000] Mr. Craig M. Abbott PB Mr. James H. Akey PB Ms. Gay M. Anderson PB Mr. Albert W. Andrae PB Mr. John E. Andre BZ Mrs. Christine L. August PB Mrs. Patricia A. Baccus PB Mr. Rick Baccus PB Mr. Lester D. Bacon BZ Mr. Donald J. Baldwin PB Mr. Charles L. Banning PB Mr. Alan Baranyai SL Ms. Patricia Barbone+ HF Mr. James D. Barron SL Mrs. Roslyn J. Beauchamp BZ Mr. Ken E. Bellamy PB Mr. Howard Benjamin GD Mr. Alan E. Berg BZ Mr. Billy E. Black HF Mr. Robert L. Black BZ Mr. Terry L. Blackwell PB Mr. Mark A. Blair BZ Mr. Daniel E. Bloyer BZ Mr. Terrence W. Bobka BZ Mr. Joseph Bodnar HF Mr. Bob E. Boyett PDDGER BZ Mr. Thomas P. Brady Jr. BZ Mrs. Linda Bristow BZ Ms. Gladys S. Britt BZ Mr. Lee Brooks PB Mr. Ronald A. Brooks HF Mr. Frank N. Brown PB Mr. Stephen A. Brull HF

Mrs. Suzanne S. Bufton PB Mr. Malcolm M. Burgis BZ Mrs. Sandra M. Burr SL Mr. Ted Butcher BZ Mr. Richard Campbell PB Mr. Nicholas J. Cangiamilla HF Mr. George R. Carstens PB Mr. Richard A. Carstens PB Mr. Matthew T. Carte PB Mr. Clarence ‘Ed’ Carter PER BZ Mr. Joe M. Cenoz BZ Mr. Marc V. Chapman BZ Mr. Richard A. Chapman PB Mr. Donald R. Checchi SL Mr. William J. Chinn Jr. SL Dr. Erbert F. Cicenia PB Mr. Michael D. Clark PB Mr. Robert C. Coleman BZ Mr. Andrew C. Cook PB Ms. Constance Crocker PB Mrs. Shirley R. Crum HF Mr. Larry M. Curtis HF Ms. Susan A. Curtis BZ Mr. Dennison A. Curtiss BZ Mr. Steven Cushing HF Honorable James W. Damon PGER BZ Mr. Daniel R. Davis BZ Mr. Kenneth M. De Penning PB Mr. Floyd J. Debat PB Mr. Henry A. Deese PB Mr. Frederick P. Dempsey PB Mr. James N. Denton BZ Mr. Donald A. Dewar GD Ms. Donna Dias+ HF Mr. John W. Diefenback BZ Mr. Ramon G. Duarte PB Mr. Gary J. Eckenrode HF Mr. Robert D. Ecoff SL Mr. Donald L. Edyburn Sr. PB Mr. Mark Ellis HF Mr. Gerald J. Emerick BZ Mr. Frank Farquharson HF Mr. Frank M. Fazio BZ Mr. Robert D. Fisette SL


W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F




Mrs. Louise N. Foley PB Mr. Leo L. Fontana BZ Mr. Regis J. Fortin BZ Mr. Douglas G. Foss PB Mr. Ronald S. Fratus PB Mr. Ed Fravel PB Mr. James E. Frazier HF Mr. John E. Fuller BZ Honorable Frank O. Garland PGER SL Mr. Ashley Garrison PB Mr. J. Scott Gates PB Mrs. Phyllis J. Gates PB Mr. Michael K. Gordon Sr. BZ Mr. Charles E. Grant HF Mr. N. Todd Graves SL Mr. James M. J. Green Jr. HF Mr. Ralph R. Hager PB Mr. James A. Hall PDDGER BZ Mr. Gregory L. Harding SL Mr. Michael J. Harman PB Mr. John S. Harrell BZ Mr. Heber H. Hart PB Mr. Edgar J. Hauger PB Mr. Donald F. Helgeson HF Mr. Mark Henderson HF Mr. Eugene C. Henggeler BZ Mr. Colin Herbert HF Mr. Wayne C. Hermanson PB Honorable Lester C. Hess Jr. PGER SL Mrs. Jeane Hickman HF Mr. Kenneth D. Higgins+ HF Mr. Maynard H. Hirsch PB Mr. John R. Holbrook PB Mr. A. C. ‘Gus’ Holstein PB Mr. Joe A. Hunt BZ Mr. Terrence L. Hunt PB Mrs. Kathleen T. Ivey PER PB Mr. Scott M. Jenkins BZ Mrs. Janet Johnson BZ Mr. Maurice R. Johnson PB Mr. Paul D. Johnson SL Mr. Ralph R. Jones SL Ms. E. Danielle Jose PB


Mr. James L. Justus PER GD Mr. Mickey H. Kaliterna PDDGER GD Ms. A. Patricia Kavanaugh PB Mr. Brian M. Keelty SL Mr. Leo B. Kelly SL Mr. Albert T. Kersich PB Mrs. Shirley Kesseler PB Ms. Joan P. Keyowski HF Mr. Larry L. Kibbee BZ Mr. Karl G. Knobel PER BZ Mr. Vincent W. Kopec BZ Mr. John D. Kormendy Jr. BZ Mr. Jeff E. Kufa BZ Mrs. Eleanor C. Lambert HF Mrs. Martha M. Lange BZ Mr. Jason Leech HF Ms. Mary LeRocque HF Mr. Richard E. Letendre PB Mr. Kenneth A. Lewis PB Mr. William D. Lewis BZ Mr. Christopher A. Linck PB Mr. Carl J. Lino Jr. PB Mr. Frank L. Liotta PB Ms. Mary J. Lobb BZ Mr. Robert O. Lockard PB Mr. Max E. Lough+ BZ Mrs. Lori Ludden BZ Mr. Michael T. Luhr BZ Mr. William Macaulay HF Mr. John Madrid HF Mr. John W. Mahan HF Mr. David M. Malin HF Mrs. Mary H. Manita PB Mr. John E. Markiewicz BZ Mr. Edward P. Marrah Jr. PB Mrs. Alice M. Marshall PB Reverend Michael T. Martine PB Mr. Mel M. Mattison HF Mr. Michael R. Maynard PB Mr. Norman S. Mazzei HF Honorable Amos A. McCallum PGER BZ Mr. Patrick M. McCarthy HF Mr. Gerald L. McCormick PB Mr. George McCullar III PB

Mr. Walter S. McDonald Jr. BZ Mr. Thomas E. McKibbon PB Honorable James M. McQuillan PGER BZ Mr. Gary I. Merritt SL Mr. Alton W. Miller Jr. BZ Mr. Leonard E. Miller BZ Mr. Ronald W. Millett PB Ms. Pamela Milton HF Mr. Ronald Milton HF Mr. Wayne W. Mishak HF Mr. Chris Mitchell PB Mr. John R. Mrak PB Mr. Creighton P. Mueller PB Mr. John A. Mullenmaster BZ Mr. Jeffrey A. Neal PB Mr. James P. Nealon SL Mr. E. Lance Nelson BZ Mr. Rodney D. Nester SL Mr. Tom Nesvig BZ Honorable James L. Nichelson GER PB Mr. Dale E. Nielson BZ Mr. Roger M. Normandeau HF Dr. Wallace C. Nunley BZ Mr. Raymond W. Nye PB Mr. Stanley H. Ogryzek HF Mr. Barry O’Hara HF Mr. Larry L. Parker BZ Mr. John C. Pascavage HF Mr. Joseph D. Paulus BZ Mr. John Pence PB Mr. Jim M. Plummer GD Mr. Jason M. Pope PB Mr. David L. Preston SL Mr. Alan C. Price SL Mr. Paul E. Pugner PB R. Lee and Beverly Querry GD Mr. David P. Rakey PB Mr. Kenneth G. Ransom HF Mr. John R. Rheinberger HF Mr. Gary W. Richards PB Mr. James O. Riley BZ Mr. Leonard W. Ritterpusch Jr. BZ

Ms. Sheila D. Rogers SL Mr. David P. Rose BZ Mr. Jack P. Rosebrook+ SL Dr. Raymond F. Ross Sr. PB Mr. Howard B. Rourke PB Mr. John J. Ryan PB Mr. Steve C. Sabin PB Mr. James Sabio PDDGER BZ Mr. Bradley P. Saegesser SL Mr. Donald Sauter BZ Mr. Kenneth W. Saylor PB Mr. John B. Scalzo PB Mr. Kurt H. Schaaf BZ Mr. John W. Schuler BZ Mr. Clyde Schultz PB Mr. Paul Schultz BZ Mr. Charles C. Scruggs BZ Mrs. Sharon Scruggs PB Mr. Oliver N. Seal HF Mr. Mark M. Segebarth PB Mr. David R. Seykora PB Mr. Bhal Shah HF Mr. Robert L. Shirey PDDGER SL Mr. Earle D. Sievwright+ PB Mr. Duncan J. Silver PB Mrs. Elaine Simone PB Mr. Vernon P. Singleton BZ Mr. Richard Slovarp+ HF Mr. John J. Smith HF Mr. David C. Sorg III PB Mr. John P. Souza Jr. PB Mr. Thomas T. Souza HF Mr. Albert G. Stacy Sr. BZ Mr. Arthur F. Staeger GD Mr. James D. Standen PER PB Mr. Karl P. Stegmann PB Mrs. Carmel Stephens PB Mr. Lowell D. Stephens BZ Mr. Daniel B. Stoner Jr. PB Mr. Timothy J. Stratman BZ Mr. Lowlyn L. Stratton BZ Mr. Franklin E. Straughan+ HF Mr. David Sustello PB Mrs. Dolores M. Swanson HF

STUDY Thanks to the generous contributions of Elks around the nation, the Elks National Foundation awards more than $3.64 million in college scholarships each year.

W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F




11 12

Mr. Don Swanson HF Mrs. June M. Tackus HF Mr. Nester W. Tan SL Mr. Robert E. Taylor PER PB Mr. William C. Tennis PDDGER SL Mrs. Betty J. Tewksbury PER SL Ms. Joan Thompson PB Mr. Larry F. Torres PB Honorable John T. Traynor PGER SL Honorable Roger R. True PGER BZ Ms. Maryjo Tsukahara BZ Mrs. Nancy D. Turner PB Mrs. Eleanor K. Twombly HF Mrs. Sharlene A. Urban PB Mrs. Judy Ann Vergason HF Mr. George C. Vernon Sr. SL Mrs. Mary L. Vernon BZ Mr. Albert H. Vigil HF Mr. Robert W. Wallace SL Mr. Allen B. Ward BZ Mr. Charles P. Ware PB Mr. James E. Warren PSP BZ Mr. Thomas Warren PB Ms. Suzanne Webb HF Mr. Cecil E. Webber GD Mr. Roy ‘Mouse’ Weichold BZ Mr. Gunther H. Weigel+ SL Mrs. Gail F. Wildblood BZ Ms. Debbie Williams HF Mr. Donald R. Williams BZ Mr. Henry T. Williams PB Mr. Robert Willis HF Mr. William M. Wiseman PB Mr. Richard Wnek HF Mr. Melvin D. Wood+ HF Mr. Charles W. Wubben PB Mr. Allen Yockey BZ Mr. Donald E. Zeller PB Mr. David J. Zimmerman PB


MERCY [$500] Mr. John D. Adams PB Mr. Thomas D. Ahrendt PB Mr. Allen A. Ahrens DM Mr. Alvin Aiken PB Mr. Willard C. Allen PB Mr. Clint A. Anders HF Mr. Mark A. Anderson PB Ms. Melinda K. Angel PB Mr. David Anger DM Mr. David K. Anoe PDDGER PB Mr. Loren H. Anthony PB Mr. William C. Applegate PDD PB Mr. Paul J. Auge HF Mr. William Bachofner HF Mr. Michael L. Bailey BZ Mr. Eugene L. Baker DM Mr. Tony Baker HF Mr. Ron Balius DM Mr. Don D. Ball PB Mr. Donald E. Barr BZ Mr. Robert Barrett PB Mr. Robert W. Barris PB Mr. Joseph C. Basil PDDGER PB Mr. Melvin L. Bauer BZ Mr. Thomas E. Bennett DM Mrs. Deborah M. Betts HF Mr. Fred W. Bezanson PB Mr. John H. Bloomingdale PB Ms. E. Jean Bodine HF Mr. John L. Boehmer PB Mr. Mark Bolson DM Mr. Lawrence P. Bolte SL Mr. Mark E. Bonawitz PB Ms. Joy A. Booth PB Mr. Richard C. Bourke PB Mr. Robert W. Bourn PB Miss Kris Bowers HF Mr. Thomas J. Bowers HF Mr. James C. Bradford HF Mr. Walter S. Brady HF Mr. Gearold P. Breidenbach DM Mr. David L. Brevik DM Mr. Sidney Brodofsky PB Mr. Curtis J. Brown HF

Mr. James J. Brown HF Mr. Robert D. Brown HF Mr. Harry Brunelle PB Mr. Robert C. Buckey HF Mr. Eric C. Buckley HF Mr. Charles R. Bugbee HF Mr. Timothy A. Bunch DM Mrs. Bonnie Burke DM Mr. Francis Burns HF Mr. Michael J. Byrne BZ Mr. Dale Bystedt HF Mr. John W. Carman BZ Mr. Paul M. Carper Jr. HF Mrs. Rita F. Cartwright PB Mrs. Frances J. Case HF Mr. Gary A. Case PB Mr. George E. Cattey BZ Mr. Rick Caul HF Mr. David L. Chapman HF Mr. Larry N. Church PB Mr. David P. Cioe PB Mrs. Marion L. Clark PB Mr. Robert P. Clark PB Mr. Richard L. Clayton Jr. PB Mr. Lawrence N. Clement PB Mr. Darrell W. Cloud BZ Mr. Jerry G. Coley HF Mr. John W. Collier HF Mr. Lawrence V. Comella HF Mr. James A. Cooney HF Mr. George A. Cooper HF Mr. Richard Coppola DM Mr. Randall P. Corey PDDGER BZ Mr. Clarence D. Craig SL Mr. Ivan O. Craig Jr. HF Mr. R. Terry Craig HF Mr. Joe C. Crawford PB Mr. Jimmy Crook PB Mrs. Mary J. Crosier HF Mr. Charles L. Cunningham HF Mr. John A. Cutler PB Mr. Robert L. Dahlquist PB Mr. Arthur W. Dalrymple PB Mr. Emmett W. Darbyshire HF Mr. Jack Daugherty PB Mr. Leslie J. Davidson HF

Mr. Brett M. Davis DM Mr. Darnell De Felice DM Mrs. Claire R. Decker PER DM Mrs. Vivian S. Denlinger PB Mr. Joseph W. DeScenza PDD BZ Ms. Elizabeth A. Despol HF Mr. Charles E. Devine PB Mr. Martin J. Dillon DM Mr. Robert W. Dixon DM Mr. Christopher M. Doherty DM Mr. William W. Dow Jr. PB Mr. George W. Drew Jr. DM Mr. Gary B. Drumheller PB Mr. Garry Duff PB Mr. Daniel J. Dunn PB Mr. Ronald G. Ebel HF Barbara and Donald Edyburn HF Mr. C. Ralph Eighmy PB Mr. Joseph S. Elliott HF Mr. Doug Erickson DM Mrs. Theresa A. Erickson DM Mr. Gregg E. Esposito HF Mr. F. Samuel Farrington HF Mr. David C. Faulkner HF Mr. James K. Fero BZ Mr. Dominic Ferri HF Mr. Philip M. Finder HF Mrs. Jean M. Finley HF Mr. David Fisher PB Mr. William E. Fisher HF Mr. John Fittro HF Ms. Martha E. Flanagan DM Mr. John P. Floyd HF Mr. Daniel W. Foree PB Mr. C. Ed Foster HF Mr. Donald B. Fountain PB Mr. Zachary E. Frago DM Mr. Thomas W. Fraker PDDGER PB Mrs. Paula J. Frazier-Ash PB Mrs. Sharon A. Frost HF Mr. Michael P. Gandolfi PDDGER BZ Mr. Greg Garcia DM Mr. Oscar Garza DM

SERVE The Elks National Foundation awards four $500 Cornerstone Grants annually to Elks scholars and alumni who wish to expand their commitment to serve others.

W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F




13 14

Mr. Wendell C. Geiger HF Dr. William J. George BZ Dr. Dennis F. Gerleman PB Mr. Dale J. Gilman HF Mr. Joseph W. Gladis SL Mr. Fernand Godfrin HF Mr. Richard J. Goldner BZ Mr. Eric L. Goochey DM Mr. Eugene L. Grabinski Jr. PB Mr. James M. Gray HF Mr. Thomas W. Griffiths HF Mrs. Nancy J. Gustafson DM Ms. Tammy A. Guttry HF Mr. David Hackel DM Mr. Anthony M. Hall HF Ms. Pamela J. Hall DM Mrs. Janet M. Hames HF Mr. Donald L. Hamilton PB Mr. Rich Hamilton DM Mrs. Sharla R. Hamilton HF Mr. Richard W. Hamm HF Mr. Daniel M. Haney HF Mrs. Janice M. Haney HF Mr. Clayton Hansen DM Mr. Glen A. Harris PB Mrs. Deborah K. Hartleroad PER HF Mr. Edwin Hastings PB Mr. James F. Hawkins Sr. HF Mr. Orian W. Hawkins BZ Ms. Jill A. Hawse PB Mr. Edmund M. Healy BZ Mr. John W. Heard BZ Mrs. Joyce A. Helton DM Mr. Donald J. Hershey PB Mr. James S. Hessberger PB Mr. William E. Hill HF Mr. James W. Hines Sr. PB Mr. Glenn R. Hinsz HF Mr. Bobby Hodges DM Mr. Charles Hodkins HF Dr. Pat A. Hoeffler HF Mr. Robert K. Hoge HF Mr. Randolph B. Holley PB Ms. Diane Holm PB Mr. Bob Horne DM


Mr. Daniel F. Houlihan DM Mr. Robert A. Howell HF Mr. Robert D. Howell PB Mr. Ralph Huffman SL Mr. Steve Hunter PB Mr. Howard Hurst HF Mr. Larry J. Hyatt DM Ms. Pamela Hyder HF Mrs. Kiyo Ichikawa PB Mr. Bryon E. Inderrieden PB Mr. Albert A. Ingraham SL Mr. Robert B. Inman DM Ms. Brenda J. Irwin HF Mr. Marcel C. Jack DM Mr. Charles N. Jackson PB Mr. Willis J. Jamieson Jr. PB Mr. Karl F. Janowski Jr.+ HF Mr. Alvin Jarrell DM Mrs. Ida E. ‘Edie’ Jeffery-Boehme HF Mr. David J. Jensen HF Mr. David G. Johnson HF Mr. Edward C. A. Johnson HF Ms. Janice L. Johnson HF Mrs. Kathleen O. Johnson DM Ms. Kelly Johnson HF Mr. Richard P. Johnson HF Mr. Sam Johnson PB Mr. Timothy O. Johnson DM Mr. Herschel L. Jones PB Mr. Gerald S. Just PB Mr. Thomas J. Karpinko PDDGER+ HF Mr. Dwight Kautzmann HF Mr. Harold Kay PB Mr. Martin J. Keating PB Mr. Walter J. Keeler PB Ms. Carol L. Kent HF Mr. Lee W. Kibbie PB Ms. Jasmine Kimura HF Ms. Sharon A. Kirchner DM Mr. Robert L. Knode PB Mr. Joseph T. Knowles HF Mr. Charles Lou Kolkhorst PB Mrs. Sharon E. Kolkhorst PB Mr. Frank Kovach Jr. DM

Mr. Wayne Kramer DM Mr. Kenneth E. Lady Jr. PB Mrs. Roberta C. LaFramboise DM Mr. Tom LaFramboise DM Mr. Jerry L. Lage HF Mr. Ronald L. Lamb DM Mr. Glenn Lankford DM Mr. Don R. Large II PB Mr. Stephen A. Leach PB Mr. Larry E. Leese BZ Mr. Robert M. LeFave HF Mr. David Lemoine HF Mr. Robert J. Lenhardt HF Mrs. Teri L. Linardich PB Mrs. Janet L. Linsday PB Mr. H. Lee Littiken BZ Mr. Robert J. Lohr Jr. HF Mr. Archie T. Lorentzen PB Mr. William M. Lucas DM Mr. Robert Luckey HF Mr. James R. Luckow PB Mr. Robert W. Luhr PB Mr. George A. Lutz Jr. HF Mr. John D. Mackenzie PB Mr. Kenneth E. MacMurtry PB Mr. Jerrold B. Magnuson HF Mr. John H. Malone DM Mrs. Lindy Maynard DM Mr. Jack W. McAdoo DM Mr. William E. McCabe PB Mrs. Patricia A. McCormick PB Mr. Leon E. McCreary PER HF Mrs. Carolyn B. McDonald HF Mr. Scott McGee DM Mr. Melvin I. McKerlie HF Mr. Alex H. McKibbin BZ Mr. John B. McLeod HF Ms. Michelle D. McMurtry HF Mrs. Diana Mears DM Mr. James Mears HF Mr. William Mehrer HF Ms. Alberta ‘Cookie’ Melton PB Mr. Gerald Melton HF Mr. Doug Meyer DM Mr. Frank E. Miceli PB

Mr. William R. Michael HF Mr. Rocky Miclat DM Mrs. M. Joyce Middleton BZ Mr. Christopher Miller PB Mr. Richard E. Miller DM Mr. Edgar W. Miner PB Ms. Mary E. ‘Lisa’ Minnich PB Mrs. Alice L. Miranda HF Mr. Conrad W. Moller HF Mr. Ronald L. Moon PB Mr. Elmer L. Moore HF Mr. Leonard L. Moorhead DM Mr. Mike Morant PB Mr. Joseph G. Morawski Sr. HF Mr. Andrew E. Morgan DM Mr. C. Wally Morgan BZ Mr. Edward B. Morgan HF Mr. Keith Morris HF Mrs. Alice G. Morse PB Mr. William F. Muilenburg DM Mrs. Julie A. Nealon PB Mrs. Darlene Nespor HF Mrs. Linda Nichols DM Mr. Dan E. Oakley HF Ms. Elizabeth A. O’Connell DM Dr. Dorothy A. Odsen, Ph.D. HF Mr. Robert B. Ogden PB Mr. John R. Ohl HF Mr. Richard J. O’Linn PB Mr. Edward J. Olliges HF Mrs. Pat Olsen DM Mr. Richard A. Osterholm HF Mr. Perry R. Palomaki HF Mr. Danny G. Parker HF Mr. Donald C. Parker PB Mr. Hans Parkinson HF Mr. Marshall D. Paulson PB Mr. David F. Payne Jr. HF Mr. David G. Peattie Jr. PB Mr. William G. Peepe+ HF Mr. Allen D. Pepper BZ Mr. Ronald R. Perin+ HF Mr. Kenneth R. Perry HF Ms. Alice M. Perry-Knapp PER PB

CHAMPION The Elks National Foundation’s scholar relations program not only engages our Elks scholars but also introduces them to the lifelong opportunities of Lodge membership and serving in their communities.

W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F




15 16

Mr. Charles G. Peterson HF Mr. Edward A. Peterson Jr. PB Mr. Richard J. Pfalmer HF Mr. Arthur W. Philip BZ Mrs. Joan Philip PB Mr. Donald C. Piper Jr. PB Mr. Frank D. Platz PB Mr. Christopher Porman HF Mr. Gary G. Porman HF Mr. Stanley B. Powell DM Mr. John Poynor HF Mr. James R. Prendergast DM Mr. Richard A. Price HF Mr. Mike Quinto DM Mr. Howard H. Raab HF Mr. Robert M. Ralston BZ Mrs. Jo Ann M. Ramelow HF Mr. Duane L. Rasmussen HF Mr. Everette D. Rast PB Mr. Paul J. Ravize HF Mr. Richard D. Reever PB Mr. Arthur L. Rendall HF Mr. Ronald T. Rezza DM Ms. Dana Rich HF Mr. Peter W. Rich PB Ms. Denise Riggin DM Mr. Steve Riggin DM Mr. Carl W. Risch PB Mr. William Roche DM Mr. Carol M. Rogers BZ Mr. Dominic D. Rotell PB Mr. Robert A. Roth PB Mr. George C. Rowan PB Byron and Valois Rue PB Honorable Dwayne E. Rumney PGER BZ Mr. George J. Russell HF Mr. Carl R. Ruthstrom PB Mr. Frank M. Sadvar PB Mr. Theodore W. Sage HF Ms. Susan T. Sampson DM Ms. Jacquie Sandberg PB Mr. Charles R. Sanders BZ Mr. Jeff Sanford DM Mrs. Barbara J. Schindele PB


Mr. Matthew B. Schlosser HF Mr. Roger A. Schumacher HF Mr. Joel Schwartzkopf DM Mr. John Schwiesow HF Mrs. Debra A. Scott PB Mr. Jon M. Seeman HF Mr. Frank N. Sellers Jr. PB Ms. Phyllis A. Senner DM Mr. Patrick J. Shannahan DM Mr. Jim D. Shapple DM Mrs. Beatrice Shehan HF Mr. Daniel R. Sherry HF Mrs. Suellen M. Shick PB Mr. David P. Shiflet SL Mr. Jesse R. Shipp HF Mr. Philip C. Shoaf HF Mr. John Shuffler HF Mr. Joseph Simmons DM Mr. Nicholas Skimbo DM Mr. Eric F. Skleder DM Mr. Wilbur L. Slabach BZ Mr. Jack D. Smith BZ Mr. Philip L. Smith DM Mr. W. Carter Snell HF Mr. George R. Snyder PB Mr. Michael S. Sommers BZ Mr. Phil Sommers PB Mr. Charles A. Spadone PB Mr. John M. Spellman PB Mr. David A. Spence HF Mr. Charles Spiker, USN CPO Retired PB Mr. Michael F. Spottiswood HF Mr. Pete Stauff PB Mr. William D. Stearns Jr. PB Mr. Edward P. Sternberg DM Mrs. Sandra L. Stolte PB Mrs. Sue B. Stone DM Mr. Felix J. Subervi Jr. PB Mr. Edward J. Sullivan Jr. BZ Ms. Janet Sutcliffe DM Mr. Dennis Taylor DM Miss Sheila L. Thacker HF Mr. Gerald M. Thiebault PB Mrs. Lynne M. Thiebault BZ

Mr. William H. Thornburg PB Mr. William H. Thornley Jr. PB Mr. Dale V. Tilton PB Mr. Don Tisdel SL Mr. Michael Toman HF Mr. Larry D. Topping PB Mr. Edward S. Torrilhon SL Mr. Donald Treese HF Mr. Karl A. Ubelhoer HF Mr. Stephan E. Urman HF Mr. Thomas A. Van Tassel BZ Mr. Hugh T. VanDoren HF Mr. James C. VanKirk HF Mr. Michael VanVoorst DM Mr. Dudley Varney HF Mr. Lon W. Vaughn DM Mrs. Catherine Veinbachs DM Ms. Kitty Victorino HF Mr. George D. Vincent DM Mr. James W. Vincent PB Ms. Elizabeth Waluk PB Mr. Samuel B. Watkins III HF Mr. Robert H. Watts PB Mr. Craig J. Webber PB Mr. Werner Weigel DM Mrs. Sandra J. Welch PB Mrs. Samantha Welsh DM Mr. Roderick E. Westlund HF Mr. C. Michael White HF Mr. Charles R. White Sr. PB Mr. Jack D. White HF Mr. Stephen H. Whitney HF Mr. Axel Wicks HF Mr. Franklin D. Wicks PB Mr. Roger L. Wilbrandt PB Mr. Billy R. Wilkinson+ HF Mr. John D. Williams DM Mr. William B. Williams PB Ms. Susan Williamson HF Mr. Steve F. Wilson+ HF Mr. Scott A. Wishard PB Mr. Ronald E. Wolf HF Mr. Earl Woolard Jr. HF Ms. Loni Wright HF Mr. Ray Wulfenstein HF Mr. Glen A. Wyland PB Mr. John Yarbor HF Mr. Edward C. Yells HF

Mr. Marlyn Zacharias HF Mr. Michael J. Zagaja PB Mr. Bernard H. Zeller HF Mr. Ralph A. Zenger PB Mr. Edmund J. Zmuda PER PDD PB

JUSTICE [$250]

Mr. Donald Abendroth+ DM Mr. James A. Alameda SM Mr. Harold A. Allen Jr. DM Mr. James E. Allen SM Mrs. Margaret J. Allen PB Mr. John J. Almeida PB Mr. Walter W. Altenburg DM Mr. John D. Amen PB Mr. Brad Anderson DM Mr. Don W. Anderson PB Mrs. Marie S. Anderson HF Mr. Stephen R. Anderson DM Mr. William D. Anderson DM Mrs. M. Marie Anonsen SM Mr. John P. Atno HF Mr. Byron M. Atwood SM Mrs. Antoinette J. Austin HF Mr. Gary A. Austin DM Mrs. Dorothy A. Ayres PB Mr. George D. Bahr HF Mr. I. Hensel Baker+ DM Mr. William R. Baker SM Mr. Greg Balint HF Mr. Edwin W. Ball BZ Mr. Jeremy R. Baltzer SM Mr. Merlin J. Banta HF Mr. Ron Barker HF Mr. James D. Barlow HF Mr. John R. Barnes HF Mr. Blake Barregar DM Mr. Ronald R. Bauer PB Mr. Stephen Beach DM Mr. Wilfred J. Bean+ HF Mr. Edwin C. Becan SM Mr. Robert P. Becker PB Mr. Raymond A. Bedard HF Mr. Duane Beecher SM Mr. Donald E. Behnke PB Mr. John S. Bell PB Mrs. Noreen Beltrami SM

LEAD Through scholarships and grants, the Elks are helping bright students become better prepared to be future leaders in our Lodges and to make a difference in our communities —and beyond.

W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F




17 18

Mr. Edward L. Bennett HF Mr. James W. Bennett HF Mr. Ralph J. Benso DM Mr. Roger A. Benson HF Mr. Gerald E. Bergum HF Mrs. Shirley Bergum HF Mr. Douglas Berry HF Mr. James H. Berry HF Mr. Duane Bice SM Mrs. Carla R. Bienhoff DM Mr. Jonathan E. Bird SM Mr. Richard N. Bishop PB Mr. Andrew D. Bisi DM Mr. Robert K. Bjornaas BZ Mr. Edward C. Black Jr. BZ Mr. William Blankenburg SM Mrs. Kimberly Blatter DM Dr. Timothy D. Blecha SM Mr. David R. Blick SM Mr. Dale L. Blomker DM Mr. William J. Bodor PB Mr. John T. Boettcher PB Mr. Rick H. Boggs DM Mr. James E. Bokanovich HF Mr. William Boldyga SM Mr. William F. Bonsky DM Mrs. Rosella M. Boone DM Mr. Charles Booth SM Mr. Joseph G. Boragine+ SM Mr. William C. Borchert BZ Mrs. Sandra U. Bourgeois DM Mr. Russell J. Bowar HF Mr. Archie Brackens HF Mrs. Bernice Brackens SM Miss Sandra C. Brantner PB Ms. Gayle J. Braun SM Mr. John P. Braun DM Ms. Linda Brennan DM Mr. Collins E. Brent PB Ms. Susan Bresnahan PB Mrs. Jo Brewer DM Mrs. Donna Broadwater HF Mr. Ricky Broadwater HF Mr. Carl F. Brock Sr. PB Mrs. Dolores N. Bronowski SM


Mr. Kenneth R. Brooks PB Mr. Phillip L. Brooks HF Mr. Joseph F. Broseker HF Mr. David F. Brown SM Mr. Douglas R. Brown DM Mr. Ner F. Brown II SM Mr. Ronnie L. Brown DM Mr. Roy E. Brown PB Mr. Theodis W. Brown Jr. DM Mr. Richard D. Bruce HF Mr. Bruce R. Brunelle HF Ms. Jean Bryant SM Mr. Michael B. Bryant PB Mr. David K. Buchanan HF Mrs. Karen Buchanan DM Mr. Gene Buchy PB Mr. Paul G. Buenger HF Mr. Douglas F. Buie+ PB Mr. Lawrence J. Bulman SM Mr. Ronald C. Bupp DM Mrs. Celila Burgett DM Mr. William M. Burke Jr. HF Mr. Donald J. Butkuss SM Mr. William H. Buttrill Jr. PB Mr. Paul C. Byrne DM Mr. Larry Cackler SM Mr. John P. Caffrey HF Mrs. Beverly R. Cahoon PB Mr. Robert M. Caley PB Mr. Stephen G. Callis DM Mr. Richard L. Cameron SM Mr. Bruce A. Campbell PB Mrs. Dawn E. Campbell DM Mr. Vern R. Campion DDGER HF Mr. Cecil J. Carey HF Mr. John T. Carr PB Mrs. Mary-Lenn Carr DM Mr. Richard A. Carr DM Mr. Edward L. Cassel DM Ms. Marie M. Cavey DM Mr. Charles W. Cecil Jr. HF Mrs. Theresa Champigny DM Mr. C. William Champlin HF Mr. Paul Chastant HF Mrs. Betty Ann Cheek DM

Mr. Geoffrey R. Chellis DM Mr. Deron L. Cherry SM Mr. Charles Cheslock Sr. PB Dr. Anthony J. Chlapowski BZ Mr. Louis P. Christie PSVP PB Mr. Phil Claiborne BZ Mr. Jesse D. Clemence HF Mr. Philip Clements DM Mrs. Linda Clemons HF Mrs. Laura Clifford PB Ms. Nancy A. Clifford SM Mr. Ivan Cline DM Ms. Sandy Cline SM Mr. William G. Cobai HF Mr. James A. Coggins DM Mrs. Sonja I. Coggins DM Ms. Barbara Colby SM Miss Joella K. Cole DM Mr. Craig C. Coleman HF Mr. Richard H. Coleman PB Mr. Mark Coller DM Mr. Timothy J. Colligan HF Mrs. D. Regenia Comerford HF Mr. William J. Comerford HF Mr. John D. Cooke PB Mr. Gerald L. Cooley PB Mrs. Carrie A. Cooper DM Mr. Dennis Cooper HF Mr. William Cooper+ HF Mr. Jim Costa SM Mr. Warren D. Costa DM Mr. Mike Costle DM Mr. Philip R. Coulter PB Mr. Eddie Cowan HF Mr. Charles Cowburn HF Mr. Frank Cowell HF Mr. John M. Cramer HF Mr. Richard Crandall HF Mr. Eugene J. Craven PB Mrs. Jan B. Crawford HF Mr. Donald E. Creighton HF Mr. Earl E. Cress PB Ms. Patricia Crockett HF Mr. Charles Cromer SM Mr. Lewis Crum SM Mr. Walter R. Cullop HF Mr. Oliver W. Cummings DM

Mrs. Patricia Curtin DM Mr. Kenneth L. Curto DM Mr. Paul J. Dacyczyn HF Mr. Donald F. Daggett+ DM Mr. Fred Dammeyer HF Mr. Anthony J. Dardano HF Mr. Michael B. Darling SM Mr. William Davidson SM Mr. Daniel Davis DM Mr. Gary Davis PB Mr. Richard L. Davis HF David and Susan Dawson HF Mr. Jon S. Dawson HF Mr. Peter J. De Santis HF Mr. Bernard G. Dean PB Mr. Earl L. Decker PB Mr. James E. Dehart DM Mr. Gerald L. Delker HF Mr. Charles F. Delle Chiaie DM Mr. Guy C. Deluca HF Mr. Robert J. L. Demars+ BZ Mr. David W. Demert HF Mr. Peter Denaro SM Mr. Gerald D. Desch SM Mrs. Irene R. Dietz PB Mrs. Deborah DiGirolamo HF Mr. John C. Dillman PB Mr. John E. Dillon HF Mrs. Betty F. Dodson HF Mr. Brian Donahue SM Mr. Kenneth M. Donato SM Robert and Linda Donnelly HF Mr. Edward G. Downs HF Mr. Warren H. Downs HF Ms. Monika R. Draggoo BZ Mr. Richard M. Drew DM Mr. Franklin E. DuBell HF Mr. Edmund J. Duchesneau PB Ms. Charlotte Duffel DM Ms. Sherri Dunlap SM Mr. Clifford F. Durham HF Mr. Albert W. Durkee DM Mr. Gilbert Dyrness HF Mr. R. Eric Easler DM Mr. Roger Ehrlich HF

Mr. Robert L. Ellett PB Mr. Richard D. Enea SM Mr. Ron Engels DM Mr. Donald R. Erickson SM Mr. Lance Erickson HF Mr. David Esselman SM Mrs. Mary Evans SM Mr. Michael L. Fabrizius HF Mr. Dean E. Fadden HF Mr. David E. Faint PB Mr. Joe Fasani PB Mr. Daniel J. Fauskee SM Mr. William Fehner HF Mr. Douglas Feisler SM Mr. Donald L. Fenn PB Mr. Frank H. Fieldhouse HF Mrs. Barbara A. Figurski PB Mr. Robert A. Fink DM Mr. Edward R. Finley HF Mrs. Clara Fisette SM Ms. Barbara Flannery SM Mr. Albie Fleetwood HF Mr. Mark Flohr DM Mr. George Flores SM Mrs. Margaret K. Flores DM Mr. Norman Fluegge DM Mr. John C. Folcik DM Mrs. Jeannie Fontana SM Ms. Debra L. Ford SM Mr. Richard W. Fournier DM Mrs. Deborah M. Fox DM Mr. William J. Fraley SM Mr. Francis T. Franscioni BZ Mr. Frederick A. Frear PB Mrs. Terri L. Frear HF Mr. Henry J. Freck BZ Mrs. Susan Fredricksen HF


40.9% to State Grants

W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F




19 20

Mr. Albert D. Fredrickson PB Mrs. Pat French BZ Mr. Paul J. Fresquez SM Mr. William R. Frevold HF Mr. Alfred E. Fried Jr.+ PB Mr. Michael G. Friedel SM Mr. Benjamin F. Friend PB Mr. George G. Fritz HF Mr. Kenneth R. Fritz HF Mr. Robert J. Froehlich DM Mr. Rick G. Fryman HF Mr. William F. Fulginiti DM Mr. Roger A. Fuller PDDGER PB Mr. Terry L. Gaber HF Mr. Robert D. Gansz DM Mr. Scot L. Garber PB Mr. Julian H. Garcia DM Mrs. Janice Genelle HF Mr. Robert Genelle HF Mrs. Tanya L. George PB Mr. Teddy L. George Sr. PB Mrs. Mary Gesquiere DM Mr. Timothy O. Gillespie HF Mr. Leroy A. Gingles+ PB Mr. Jerry T. Gluhanich DM Mr. Orval L. Goede Jr. HF Mr. Mark W. Goetz+ DM Ms. Mary E. Goodmiller PB Mr. Harvey L. Gordon DM Mrs. Ginny Gorman SM Mr. John Grainger DM Mr. Edwin Grant DM Mrs. Lois C. Gravius SM Mr. Brian A. Gray HF Mr. Ace A. Green DM Mr. Joe Gregory DM Mr. Daniel E. Griffin DM Mr. Thomas C. Gulledge HF Dr. Donald Gumm SM Mr. George Gupton DM Mr. Rick Gustafson SM Mr. Gary L. Habluetzel PB Mr. Ronald J. Hahn PB Mr. Harold G. Hall Jr. PB Mrs. Rita C. Hall PB


Mr. Henry J. Hamel Jr. HF Mr. Raymond F. Hamel Sr. HF Ms. Patt Hamer SM Mr. Russell D. Hamilton Sr. DM Mr. Sterling E. Hamilton HF Mr. Roger L. Hamman PDDGER PB Mr. Richard W. Hanatow DM Mr. Robert I. Handel SL Mr. Patrick Handlin DM Mr. Bob Hanna PB Mr. Tommy Harmon SM Mr. Harold Harpster HF Mrs. Louise J. Harris HF Mr. Charles Harsley DM Mr. George F. Hartig DM Mr. Robert Hartshorn Jr. PB Mr. Kenneth G. Harvey HF Ms. Tracy D. Harvey HF Mr. Richard L. Hasson SM Mr. Robert C. Hathaway DM Mr. Tim Hauck SM Ms. Stacey A. Hauprich DM Mr. Jeffrey A. Hawk DM Mrs. Suzanne Hawkins SM Mr. Bruce Hayden DM Mr. Michael P. Hayden DM Mr. Thomas B. Healy SM Honorable Paul D. Helsel PGER PB Mr. Donald E. Henderson DM Mr. Steven W. Hernley HF Mr. James L. Herrington HF Mr. Robert Hess SM Mr. David Heuser SM Mr. Francis N. Hickman DM Mr. Ronald L. Hicks PB Mr. Terry L. Hildreth PB Ms. Robyn Hill SM Mrs. Barbara M. Hirsch PB Mr. Robert D. Hirsch PB Mr. Eric J. Hirzy HF Mr. James A. Hobkirk SM Mr. John E. Holland SM Mr. C. I. ‘Skip’ Hollingsworth HF Mrs. Joanne W. Hollingsworth HF Mr. David R. Holman SM

Mr. Dennis A. Holt DM Mrs. Evelyn B. Hood SM Mrs. Betty J. Horbelt PB Mr. Edward C. Horbelt HF Mr. John O. Horkay PB Mr. Gary L. Horn DM Mr. James L. Horne HF Mr. Michael E. Hostetler GD Mr. Kenneth House PB Mrs. Laurie H. House SM Mr. Leroy D. Howard HF Mr. James A. Howes PB Ms. Lori J. Howlett HF Mr. Claude C. Hudson PB Ms. Sherry L. Huffman DM Mr. Thomas E. Huggins DM Mr. John J. Hughes Jr. PB Mr. David A. Hutson DM Mr. John W. Hutson HF Mr. Gary Hymas HF Mr. Jeff Ingebrigtsen SM Mr. David C. Ingraham Jr. HF Mr. Philip W. Isner DM Mr. Carl R. Jacob HF Mrs. Susan Jacob PB Mr. Wray Jacobs HF Mr. Robert A. Jamtaas DM Mr. Erec B. Janowski HF Mr. Robert C. Jarvis SM Mr. Michael B. Jennelle DM Mr. David L. Jensen HF Mrs. Dorothy Jensen PB Mr. Herman Jensen PB Mrs. Viola L. Jewett DM Mr. Bill H. Johnson SM Mr. James W. Johnson PB Mrs. Nancy Johnson SM Mr. Richard M. Johnson DM Mr. Richard W. Johnson PB Mr. E. Leon Johnston HF Mr. Adam Jonczak HF Mr. Chester A. Jonczak HF Mr. Chad Jones DM Mr. Daniel M. Jones PB Mr. Horace E. Jones Jr. DM Ms. Kristi Jones SM Mrs. Joann Jordan SM Mr. Mark Joseph HF

Mr. David D. Jurmu HF Mr. Ronald Z. Kadar HF Mr. Donald R. Kaminska PER DM Mrs. Katherine B. Keating Edsey SM Mr. Leo W. Keenan Jr. HF Mr. Harold Kehler HF Mr. William K. Keller SM Mr. William G. Kellogg HF Mr. John J. Kempel PB Mr. Robert C. Kennedy DM Mr. George F. Kerr PB Mr. Geoffrey D. Kershaw HF Ms. Elizabeth Keyser SM Mr. F. Ray Keyser Jr. SM Mr. James Keyser SM Ms. Sandra J. Kibby SM Mr. Larry W. Kibler HF Mrs. Raedean S. Kiesz SM Mrs. Kerri J. Kilgore SM Mrs. Cheryl Kilpatrick HF Mr. Mack Kimbrough SM Mr. Dale E. Kimes SM Mr. Larry H. Kinard HF Mr. Randy King DM Mr. Roger A. Kirkpatrick DM Mr. Bryan S. Kisiel DM Mr. Stephen W. Klemens DM Mr. Daniel V. Klenz HF Ms. Joellen Knapp SM Mr. Lavern Knutson BZ Mr. Gregory W. Koester PDDGER PB Mrs. Kathryn J. Korb HF Mr. Michael A. Korb Jr. PB Mr. Michael S. Kovatch SM Mr. Robert A. Krieger SM Mr. George M. Kruckvich HF Mr. William H. Kuklar HF Mr. Gerald Ladner SM Mr. Gary Laitala SM Ms. Celeste R. Lambert SM Mr. James D. Lambert SM Mrs. Marilyn C. Lane DM Mr. Donald E. Lanini PB Mrs. Judith Lanoue DM

Mrs. Deborah A. Lasley PER PB Mr. Edward P. Lavalle PB Ms. Deborah Lavin HF Mrs. Lois E. Lawton HF Mr. Peter B. LeBejko HF Mr. Steve R. LeBel HF Dr. Bruce D. Lee DM Mr. Mike Lee DM Mr. Philip E. Leger HF Mr. James L. Lehmann HF Mr. Donald L. Leininger SL Mrs. Marie T. Lenhart-Butkuss SM Mr. Charles M. Lenny SM Mrs. Iva A. Lester DM Mr. Frank J. Levanti Jr. DM Mr. Stephen Levendoski HF Mr. S. Roger Lewis DM Mr. Tony R. Lewis HF Mr. Richard E. L’Heureux HF Mr. Ralph D. Lindsey HF Mr. Dennis K. Linsley DM Mrs. Kathleen A. Linsley DM Mr. William K. Lion HF Mr. Egon Lippert DM Mr. Kenneth E. Lira DM Mr. Thomas J. Locke DM Mr. Frank A. LoGalbo HF Ms. Tammie Logan SM Mr. Mark S. Lombardo SM Ms. Shari Lords SM Mr. Robert D. Lounsbury SM Ms. Betty Love SM Mr. Fulton Lowe SM Mrs. Jeanne Luetke DM Mr. Shawn Luhr DM


18.7% to Scholarships

W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F




21 22

Mr. Richard L. Lull HF Barbara F. Lynch PB Mr. John M. Lynch HF Mr. Eric G. Lyons DM Mr. Roger F. MacAuley HF Mr. John W. MacGilvray PB Mrs. Patricia MacGregor HF Mr. John MacKintosh PB Miss Lynn MacMillen HF Mrs. Cheryl Madden HF Mr. Blaine L. Major SM Mr. John J. Malensek HF Mrs. Marilyn Mallett DM Mr. James Malone HF Mr. Edwin Mamau SM Mr. Frank Mancino SM Mr. Stephen R. Marada HF Mr. Chris J. Martin DM Mrs. Jacqueline Martin DM Mr. John A. Martin DM Mr. John N. Martin Jr. HF Mrs. Melissa J. Martin DM Mr. Robert T. Martin II HF Mr. Robert Martinez Jr. DM Mrs. Sue C. Martinez SM Ms. Gina M. Martori HF Mr. Julian B. Marzolf HF Mr. Richard Maskell SM Mr. Mervyn D. Maurath PB Mr. James W. McCloud PB Mr. Charles C. McCoy DM Mr. Gary L. McCullar DM Mr. Edward W. McCurdy DM Mr. Geffrey K. McDaniel HF Mr. Edward M. McDevitt HF Mr. Daniel C. McFadden PER BZ Mr. Timothy McGinn SM Mr. John E. McGonigle DM Mr. Ottis M. McGough HF Mr. Chris A. McGuffin HF Mr. Dean McIntyre SM Mr. Timothy D. McKean SM Mr. John M. McKinney HF Mr. Robert L. McMillan SM Mr. Bill Mead SM


Mr. Lonnie Medlock SM Mr. Alan Melcher SM Ms. Mary Katherine Melzer+ HF Mr. Donald E. Mendenhal DM Mr. Jeffrey F. Meyer HF Mr. Robert G. Meyer PB Mrs. Theodora C. Meyer DM Mr. Thomas L. Milan HF Mr. John S. Miller SM Ms. Sheri D. Miller HF Mr. Terry Miller HF Mr. William E. Miller BZ Ms. Frances M. Minichello PB Mrs. Deborah Minners DM Mr. Steven Molnar DM Mr. H. LeRoy Molsbee HF Ms. Marie L. Moncur DM Mr. Scott Monroe SM Mr. John R. Morrison SM Mr. G. Gerald Morrow PDDGER PB Mr. Richard F. Morton DM Mr. James Mosher PB Mr. Edward L. Moss PB Mr. Michael A. Mrochko HF Ms. Linda E. Muehlberger SM Mr. Eric K. Mulholland Sr. HF Mr. Steve Mulholland DM Mr. William L. Muncaster HF Mr. Michael A. Murphy HF Mr. Forest R. ‘Bud’ Murray PB Ms. Deborah L. Nadrchal SM Mrs. Drema P. Nail DM Mr. Robert L. Nail PER DM Mr. Robert L. Natrop Sr. PB Mr. Joseph B. Neely Jr. DM Ms. Kay F. Neilley PER DM Mr. Warren H. Nelson DM Mr. Ronald J. Newman Sr. PB Mrs. Mary Carolyn Nichelson HF Mr. John H. Nicholson HF Mrs. Young S. Nishio HF Mr. Charles A. Nolan PB Mrs. Dorothy Noonburg PB Mr. Jeffrey N. Nowc DM Mrs. Robin Nowc HF

Mr. Stanley W. Noyes HF Mr. James R. Nudi DM Mr. Thomas C. Nunes Jr. SM Mr. Carl E. Nuzman HF Mr. Fred D. Oakes Jr. PB Mr. James D. O’Callaghan HF Mr. Timothy L. Ockenfels DM Mr. James T. O’Connell PB Mr. George Officer DM Dr. Roger I. Ogata HF Mr. Michael T. Ohren PER PB Mr. James W. O’Kelley III PB Mr. Larry L. O’Laughlin PB Mr. Mel D. Oliveira PER HF Mr. Raymond W. O’Neal PB Mr. William J. Orblych PER PB Mrs. Jacqueline A. Orovecz HF Mr. Paul Ortega SM Mr. Michael P. Orwen PB Mr. Daniel W. Osband HF Mr. Gerald A. Ouellette PB Mr. Marion F. Owens Jr. PB Mr. Joseph F. Padilla SM Mr. Ray Pagliarulo HF Mr. Richard M. Palanzo PB Mr. Warren S. Palmer PB Ms. Karen L. Palomaki DM Ms. Jacqueline A. Palumbo HF Mr. Ben Parker HF Mr. Alex Parsons Jr. DM Mr. Clement Paskus DM Mr. Wayne A. Pea HF Mr. James E. Peace PB Ms. Cathy S. Pearlman HF Mr. James K. Pease DM Mr. Curt Peay PB Mrs. Barbara D. Pecca HF Mr. Ronald J. Pecinovsky SM Mr. Gene A. Pendley HF Mr. Richard Pentecost DM Mr. William L. Penton HF Mr. Christopher Perera SM Mr. Rex P. Peters PB Mr. Charles H. Peterson SM

Mr. Kenneth M. Peterson HF Mr. John N. Phelan PER PB Mrs. Karen J. Phelan PB Mr. LaVern P. Phillips SM Mr. James W. Piepenbrok HF Mr. Maxime A. Pilon PB Mr. William F. Pine PB Mr. Fredric W. Pingel HF Mr. Wayne Pinkerton SM Mr. Michael E. Pinney HF Ms. Rose M. Pirkl HF Mr. Robert J. Pisarz HF Mr. Frederick Pittard HF Mr. Virgil E. Polak SM Mr. Cal J. Potter III DM Mr. Arthur B. Powers Jr. HF Mr. Kerry N. Preissel DM Mrs. Grace Prete PB Mr. William H. Priester BZ Mrs. Charlotte W. Prim DM Mr. W. Owen Prince SM Mr. Dana M. Priola PB Mr. James Procopio III DM Mr. David Pugh SM Mr. William S. Purington SM Ms. Carol Quan PB Mr. Michael Quimbey HF Mr. Chris Raber SM Mr. Thomas N. Rabickow PB Mr. Eric N. Rader SM Mrs. Deborah J. Raible DM Mr. Richard L. Raible DM Ms. Kristen Ranker DM Mr. Virgil A. Rath HF Mr. Vincent A. Ravgiala HF Mr. Dwight H. Ray HF Mrs. Sandra Read DM Mr. Theodore R. Reese PB Mr. Tracy Reigle HF Mr. Mark R. Reinke HF Mr. Michael Rejczuk SM Mrs. Kathleen M. Rentschler HF Mr. Theodore D. Resar DM Mr. Robert L. Ressler HF Mr. Armond J. Rezac DM Mr. Michael S. Rice SM Mr. Howard K. Richards PB

Mrs. Lisa A. Richmond HF Mr. Robert L. Rinker DM Mr. James H. Robinson PB Mrs. Linda Rodeheaver SM Mrs. Cora E. Rogers DM Mr. James Rogers HF Mr. Walter O. Rogers Sr. PB Mr. Jerald Roland SM Mr. John Romano SM Mr. Pedro S. Rosa PER DM Mr. Edward J. Rosenberg HF Mr. E. Dean Rosier BZ Mr. Timothy R. Roth DM Mr. Michael Rowan DM Mr. James C. Roy DM Mr. Carl R. Russell PB Mr. Henry G. Rutland Jr. DM Ms. S. ‘Spunky’ Saliman-Gray SM Mr. William I. Samaritano HF Mr. Craig Sanborn SM Mr. William A. Savely PB Mr. Joe W. Sayre Jr. HF Mr. Donald E. Schafer HF Mr. Donald O. Schmidt PB Mr. Mark J. Schmidt DM Mr. John A. Schmudde HF Mr. John A. Schneickert SM Mr. John Schneider SM Mr. Leland R. Schwein HF Mrs. Carmen Schwiesow HF Mr. Roy L. Scott PB Mr. Neil L. Scully PB Mr. Richard E. Seals HF Mr. John W. Sellen SM Mr. Charles F. Serventi Sr. PB Mr. Norm Setters SM




to Administrative Expenses

W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F





Mr. William D. Shafer PB Mr. John Shaffer DM Mr. Jerome C. Shapiro HF Mr. George A. Shaw SM Mr. Robert K. Shaw+ SM Mr. Russell D. Shaw SM Mr. Harry R. Sheets PB Mr. William R. Shelby HF Mr. Dennis W. Shepard SM Mr. Paul Shoemaker DM Mr. Jon Sholes HF Mrs. Denise O. Shurtleff DM Mr. David R. Sieker PB Mr. Ronnie L. Sigley HF Mr. Robert Simmons HF Mr. Jerry L. Simonds DM Mrs. Lois A. Singleton HF Mr. John Skehan SM Mr. Bruce M. Skipper HF Mrs. Karen S. Smales SM Mr. William Smales Jr. SM Mr. Craig B. Smallwood PB Mr. Aaron D. Smith BZ Mr. David W. Smith HF Mr. Doug S. Smith SM Ms. Edna L. Smith HF Mr. Gail N. Smith PB Mr. John H. Smith DM Mr. Lance Smith SM Mr. Michael L. Smith DM Mr. Richard E. Smith DM Mr. Scott E. Smith PB Mr. Steven M. Smith DM Mr. Theodore N. Smith Jr. HF Mrs. Veronica E. Smith DM Mr. Edgar Snedegar PB Mr. Michael Snedegar SM Mr. David R. Snyder PER PB Mr. Raymond A. Sobanko DM Mr. William M. Southcott Jr. SM Mr. Charles D. Spaulding SM Ms. Sharon St. Hilaire SM Mr. Robert C. Stahl HF Mr. Michael Stankovie SM Mr. James L. Staples SM


Mr. Michael L. Staples SM Mr. R. Kenneth Staten II PB Ms. Manette L. Steele PB Mr. Robert D. Steele DM Mr. Robert R. Stevenson DM Mr. James E. Stewart PB Mr. Phillip Stimatze HF Mr. Keith E. Stocking SM Mrs. Michele W. Stocking SM Mr. Jeff Stolar SM Mr. Harold Stoll HF Mr. Keith D. Stone HF Mr. Steve Stoner BZ Mr. Perry J. Streeter SM Mr. Leon H. Struthers SM Mr. James J. Suel SM Mr. Roy J. Swanson DM Mr. Ryan J. Swantz PER SM Mr. Harold D. Swearengin+ HF Mr. Charles Switzer HF Mr. Barton A. Tanner DM Mr. James R. Tartal HF Mr. Mike Taylor HF Mr. Guy O. Teague PB Ms. Patricia M. Terrell DM Mr. Robert E. Tharp HF Mrs. Christine Therrien DM Mr. Otis Tholander PB Mr. Cam Thomas DM Mr. Mark W. Thomas PB Mr. Roger J. Thomas HF Mr. Wilfred G. Thomas DM Mr. Arthur C. Thompson Jr. HF Mr. Jack F. Thompson III DM Mr. Jay A. Thompson PDDGER PB Mrs. Kathleen A. R. Thompson HF Mr. Robert B. Thomson BZ Mr. Jack Thorpe HF Mr. Keith L. Timmons SL Mr. John Toftemark DM Mr. L. Glenn Tolbert HF Mr. S. Jackson Tompkins HF Mr. Robert Trask SM Mr. George H. Treisner HF Mr. Joseph J. Trovarelli Jr. DM

Mr. John B. Truxel Sr. PB Mr. William H. Tschirhart PB Mr. Howard Tsuchiya DM Mr. Francis E. Tucker DM Mr. Robert H. Tucker PER HF Mrs. Rosemarie Turner HF Mr. Timothy J. Turner DM Ms. Claire T. Uber SM Mr. Edward B. Underhill PB Mr. Edward J. Utsch PB Mr. James M. Valentin DM Mrs. Marynette B. Vallion SM Ms. Linda VanDerSnel SM Honorable James C. Varenhorst PGER PB Mr. Samuel Vazquez DM Mr. Gerry L. Veltrie SM Mr. Robert P. Vieira HF Mr. C. Joseph Vigil BZ Ms. Amy Vincent SM Mr. Steven F. Vincent PB Mrs. Mary Wagner SM Mr. Richard F. Wagner DM Mr. William J. Waite PB Mr. Donald K. Wakefield DM Mr. Donald E. Walker PER HF Mr. William F. Wallace DM Ms. Ruby Walls HF Mr. Mark Walsh HF Mr. Michael A. Walsh DM Mr. Richard Waring SM Mr. Noel R. Warmack HF Mr. Jeffrey C. Warner SM Mr. W. Randall Washburn HF Mr. Robert W. Watkin DM Mr. Barry M. Watkins PB Mr. Michael F. Watson SM Ms. Heidi Watts DM Ms. Kristen Watts SM Mr. Leonard O. Weber HF Mr. Dyle Webster HF Mr. Richard Welch PB Mr. Virgil W. Welch Jr. HF Mr. Tom G. Weller SM Mr. Robert W. Wessel PDDGER PB Mr. Jim West SM Mr. Paul R. West PER SM

Mr. Brian P. Westfall DM Mr. Robert M. Wheeler PB Mr. Jacob V. Whetsell Jr. HF Mr. Jack F. White DM Mr. Larry White HF Mrs. Ruth M. Whitmire HF Mr. Dale E. Whysong HF Ms. Kim Wilkins SM Mr. William A. Wilkins SM Mr. Nathan Willard HF Mr. Donald Williams HF Mrs. Joan M. Williams HF Mr. Richard O. Wilson HF Mr. Robert E. Wilson PB Mr. Jack Wine SM Mr. Kenneth Winter SM Ms. Grace Wise HF Mr. Ronald E. Wiseman SM Mr. David E. Wolcott HF Ms. Adelaide F. Wolfanger PB Mrs. Barbara W. Wong-Bjornaas SL Miss Marie A. Wood SM Mr. Keith Woods SM Mr. Richard A. Woolridge HF Mr. Albert G. Worrell HF Ms. Catherine Worrell HF Mr. Tom Worsley SM Mr. Melvin Wortman DM Mr. James Wright DM Mr. Larry Wright DM Mr. Terumitsu Yasuda HF Mr. Mark W. Zagloba SM Mr. John G. Zanin HF Mr. Edward V. Zegarelli Jr. HF Mr. Joseph J. Zelazny Jr. HF Mr. Donald Ziegenfuss HF Mr. Dennis A. Zimmerman HF Mr. Thomas M. Zisa SM Mr. Jack L. Zorn+ BZ Ms. Kathy Zovich DM

W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F


LODGE HONOR ROLL The Elks National Foundation recognizes and congratulates the following Elks Lodges that contributed $1,000 or more to the ENF during the 2009-10 fiscal year. For each category, Lodges are listed alphabetically by state, then numerically by Lodge number.

$10,000 + Punta Gorda, FL, No. 2606 Port St. Lucie, FL, No. 2658 Honolulu, HI, No. 616 Madison, NJ, No. 1465 Greater Wildwood, NJ, No. 1896 Reading, PA, No. 115

$5,000 + Fairbanks, AK, No. 1551 San Jose, CA, No. 522 El Cajon, CA, No. 1812 Carmichael, CA, No. 2103 Fremont, CA, No. 2121 Mission Viejo-Saddleback Valley, CA, No. 2444 Dover, DE, No. 1903 Fort Pierce, FL, No. 1520 Green Cove Springs, FL, No. 1892 Aripeka, FL, No. 2520 Dixon, IL, No. 779 Gloucester, MA, No. 892 Hagerstown, MD, No. 378 Kent Island, MD, No. 2576 Asbury Park-Wall, NJ, No. 128 Somerville, NJ, No. 1068 Ridgefield Park, NJ, No. 1506 Union, NJ, No. 1583 Livingston, NJ, No. 1855 Toms River, NJ, No. 1875 Brick, NJ, No. 2151 Edison, NJ, No. 2487



Lacey, NJ, No. 2518 Manasquan, NJ, No. 2534 Gallup, NM, No. 1440 Carlsbad, NM, No. 1558 Artesia, NM, No. 1717 Farmington, NM, No. 1747 Queens Borough (Elmhurst), NY, No. 878 Middletown, NY, No. 1097 Rotterdam, NY, No. 2157 Bellefontaine, OH, No. 132 Painesville, OH, No. 549 Indian Lake, OH, No. 2792 Erie, PA, No. 67 Franklin, PA, No. 110 Bangor, PA, No. 1106 San Benito, TX, No. 1661 Fredericksburg, VA, No. 875 Bremerton, WA, No. 1181

$2,000 + Wrangell, AK, No. 1595 Sitka, AK, No. 1662 Huntsville, AL, No. 1648 Gulf Coast, AL, No. 2782 Hot Springs, AR, No. 380 Searcy, AR, No. 2247 Casa Grande Valley, AZ, No. 1957 Tempe, AZ, No. 2251 Coolidge-Florence, AZ, No. 2350 Green Valley, AZ, No. 2592 Mesa-Buckhorn, AZ, No. 2656 Casas Adobes, AZ, No. 2663

Bakersfield, CA, No. 266 San Luis Obispo, CA, No. 322 Pasadena, CA, No. 672 San Bernardino, CA, No. 836 Alameda, CA, No. 1015 San Mateo, CA, No. 1112 Merced, CA, No. 1240 Modesto, CA, No. 1282 Glendale, CA, No. 1289 Woodland, CA, No. 1299 Ventura, CA, No. 1430 Palo Alto, CA, No. 1471 Gilroy, CA, No. 1567 Newport Harbor, CA, No. 1767 Victorville, CA, No. 1877 Lodi, CA, No. 1900 Palm Springs, CA, No. 1905 Norwalk, CA, No. 2142 Roseville, CA, No. 2248 Jackson, CA, No. 2426 Aspen, CO, No. 224 Loveland, CO, No. 1051 Littleton, CO, No. 1650 Cortez, CO, No. 1789 Torrington, CT, No. 372 St. Augustine, FL, No. 829 West Palm Beach, FL, No. 1352 Dunedin/Clearwater, FL, No. 1525 Sebring, FL, No. 1529 Winter Haven, FL, No. 1672 Delray Beach, FL, No. 1770 Vero Beach, FL, No. 1774

Winter Park, FL, No. 1830 Pompano Beach, FL, No. 1898 Holiday Isles, FL, No. 1912 Naples, FL, No. 2010 Warrington, FL, No. 2108 Titusville, FL, No. 2113 Marathon, FL, No. 2139 Largo, FL, No. 2159 New Port Richey, FL, No. 2284 Brandon, FL, No. 2383 Sarasota South, FL, No. 2495 Seminole, FL, No. 2519 Cape Coral, FL, No. 2596 West Citrus, FL, No. 2693 Palm Coast, FL, No. 2709 Rotonda, FL, No. 2710 Port Orange, FL, No. 2723 Bonita Springs, FL, No. 2753 West St. Lucie, FL, No. 2823 Calhoun, GA, No. 1883 Kona, HI, No. 2616 Shenandoah, IA, No. 1122 Sandpoint, ID, No. 1376 Caldwell, ID, No. 1448 Peoria, IL, No. 20 Quincy, IL, No. 100 Belleville, IL, No. 481 Centralia, IL, No. 493 Murphysboro, IL, No. 572 Ottawa, IL, No. 588 Marion, IL, No. 800 Mount Vernon, IL, No. 819 Olney, IL, No. 926 Macomb, IL, No. 1009 Pontiac, IL, No. 1019 Herrin, IL, No. 1146 Lawrenceville, IL, No. 1208 Mendota, IL, No. 1212 Elmhurst, IL, No. 1531 Oak Lawn, IL, No. 2254

New Albany, IN, No. 270 Elwood, IN, No. 368 Linton, IN, No. 866 Louisville, KY, No. 8 Ashland, KY, No. 350 Tri-County, KY, No. 2826 New Orleans, LA, No. 30 Shreveport, LA, No. 122 Opelousas, LA, No. 1048 Lowell, MA, No. 87 Woburn, MA, No. 908 Randolph, MA, No. 2130 Falmouth, MA, No. 2380 Washington-Rockville, MD, No. 15 Towson, MD, No. 469 Salisbury, MD, No. 817 Easton, MD, No. 1622 Ocean City, MD, No. 2645 Portland, ME, No. 188 Bangor, ME, No. 244 Sanford, ME, No. 1470 Traverse City, MI, No. 323 Pontiac-Waterford, MI, No. 810 Alma, MI, No. 1400 Hillsdale, MI, No. 1575 Hopkins, MN, No. 2221 Wadena, MN, No. 2386 Springfield, MO, No. 409 Joplin, MO, No. 501 Cape Girardeau, MO, No. 639 Festus-Crystal City, MO, No. 1721 Farmington, MO, No. 1765 Potosi, MO, No. 2218 Meramec (Arnold), MO, No. 2372 Lake Of The Ozarks, MO, No. 2517 Sainte Genevieve, MO, No. 2674 Oakville, MO, No. 2726 Hattiesburg, MS, No. 599 Great Falls, MT, No. 214 Billings, MT, No. 394 Red Bank, NJ, No. 233

New Brunswick, NJ, No. 324 Millville, NJ, No. 580 Lake Hopatcong, NJ, No. 782 Rahway, NJ, No. 1075 Nutley, NJ, No. 1290 Freehold, NJ, No. 1454 Bergenfield, NJ, No. 1477 Lyndhurst, NJ, No. 1505 Point Pleasant, NJ, No. 1698 North Arlington, NJ, No. 1992 Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ, No. 2078 Woodbridge, NJ, No. 2116 Manville-Hillsborough, NJ, No. 2119 Middletown, NJ, No. 2179 West Milford, NJ, No. 2236 Watchung Hills, NJ, No. 2252 Hamilton, NJ, No. 2262 Garfield, NJ, No. 2267 Closter, NJ, No. 2304 Harrison-East Newark, NJ, No. 2326 Manahawkin, NJ, No. 2340 Bayville, NJ, No. 2394 Eatontown, NJ, No. 2402 Brigantine, NJ, No. 2428 Las Vegas, NM, No. 408 Raton, NM, No. 865 Clovis-Portales, NM, No. 1244 Los Alamos, NM, No. 2083


8.6% to Youth Programs

W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F




27 28


Reno, NV, No. 597 Boulder City, NV, No. 1682 Mesquite, NV, No. 2811 Utica, NY, No. 33 Lockport, NY, No. 41 Albany, NY, No. 49 Elmira, NY, No. 62 Glens Falls, NY, No. 81 Rome, NY, No. 96 Hornell, NY, No. 364 Seneca Falls, NY, No. 992 Watervliet, NY, No. 1500 Lowville, NY, No. 1605 Penn Yan, NY, No. 1722 Ellenville, NY, No. 1971 Rensselaer, NY, No. 2073 Potsdam, NY, No. 2074 Boonville, NY, No. 2158 Colonie, NY, No. 2192 Liverpool, NY, No. 2348 Springfield, OH, No. 51 Chillicothe, OH, No. 52 Lima, OH, No. 54 Upper Sandusky, OH, No. 83 Gallipolis, OH, No. 107 Mount Vernon, OH, No. 140 Defiance, OH, No. 147 Bucyrus, OH, No. 156 Salem, OH, No. 305 Newark, OH, No. 391 New Lexington, OH, No. 509 New Philadelphia, OH, No. 510 Nelsonville, OH, No. 543 Xenia, OH, No. 668 Ravenna, OH, No. 1076 Marysville, OH, No. 1130 Greenville, OH, No. 1139 Wooster, OH, No. 1346 Lakewood, OH, No. 1350 Ashland, OH, No. 1360 Parma, OH, No. 1938 Baker, OR, No. 338

Oregon City, OR, No. 1189 Tillamook, OR, No. 1437 Hillsboro, OR, No. 1862 Coquille Valley, OR, No. 1935 Milwaukie, OR, No. 2032 Gateway(Portland), OR, No. 2411 Greenville, PA, No. 145 Butler, PA, No. 170 Johnstown, PA, No. 175 Norristown, PA, No. 714 Indiana, PA, No. 931 Fairless Hills, PA, No. 2023 Manila, PI, No. 761 Murrells Inlet, SC, No. 2797 Denison, TX, No. 238 Lubbock, TX, No. 1348 Hereford, TX, No. 2269 Gonzales, TX, No. 2413 Paris, TX, No. 2433 Denton, TX, No. 2446 Roanoke, VA, No. 197 Harrisonburg, VA, No. 450 Winchester, VA, No. 867 Virginia Beach, VA, No. 2268 Rutland, VT, No. 345 Burlington, VT, No. 916 Newport, VT, No. 2155 Tacoma, WA, No. 174 Greater Spokane, WA, No. 228 Walla Walla, WA, No. 287 Port Townsend, WA, No. 317 Yakima, WA, No. 318 Aberdeen, WA, No. 593 Mount Vernon, WA, No. 1604 Lake City (Seattle), WA, No. 1800 Sequim, WA, No. 2642 Marinette, WI, No. 1313 Chippewa Falls, WI, No. 1326

Martinsburg, WV, No. 778 Sheridan, WY, No. 520 Laramie, WY, No. 582 Cody, WY, No. 1611 Worland, WY, No. 1908

$1,500 + Homer, AK, No. 2127 Valdez, AK, No. 2537 Bristol Bay, AK, No. 2687 Fairhope, AL, No. 1879 Jasper, AL, No. 2571 Fort Smith, AR, No. 341 Chandler, AZ, No. 2429 Riverside, CA, No. 643 Eureka, CA, No. 652 Petaluma, CA, No. 901 San Rafael, CA, No. 1108 Oxnard, CA, No. 1443 Burbank, CA, No. 1497 Ukiah, CA, No. 1728 Madera, CA, No. 1918 Garden Grove, CA, No. 1952 Yreka, CA, No. 1980 South San Francisco, CA, No. 2091 Encinitas, CA, No. 2243 Thousand Oaks, CA, No. 2477 Poway, CA, No. 2543 Longmont, CO, No. 1055 New London, CT, No. 360 Putnam, CT, No. 574 Wallingford, CT, No. 1365 Newark, DE, No. 2281 Milford, DE, No. 2401 Tampa, FL, No. 708 South Lake, FL, No. 1848 Venice Nokomis, FL, No. 1854 Winter Garden, FL, No. 2165 Ormond Beach, FL, No. 2193 Pinellas Park, FL, No. 2217 Cocoa Beach, FL, No. 2387 Merritt Island, FL, No. 2650

Destin, FL, No. 2688 Manasota, FL, No. 2734 Albany, GA, No. 713 Toccoa, GA, No. 1820 Creston, IA, No. 605 Jacksonville, IL, No. 682 Benton, IL, No. 1234 Carbondale, IL, No. 1243 Pana, IL, No. 1261 Sycamore, IL, No. 1392 Princeton, IL, No. 1461 Mc Leansboro, IL, No. 1882 Marion, IN, No. 195 New Castle, IN, No. 484 Atchison, KS, No. 647 Chanute, KS, No. 806 Garden City, KS, No. 1404 Lyndon, KY, No. 2052 Saugus-Everett, MA, No. 642 Chelmsford, MA, No. 2310 Old Town, ME, No. 1287 Gardiner, ME, No. 1293 Holland, MI, No. 1315 Minneapolis, MN, No. 44 Kansas City, MO, No. 26 De Soto, MO, No. 689 Vicksburg, MS, No. 95 Pascagoula, MS, No. 1120 Falls City, NE, No. 963 Columbus, NE, No. 1195 Keene, NH, No. 927 Littleton, NH, No. 1831 Derry Salem, NH, No. 2226 Elizabeth, NJ, No. 289 Cliffside Park, NJ, No. 1502 Springfield/Hillside, NJ, No. 2004 Wayne, NJ, No. 2181 Tenafly, NJ, No. 2271 East Brunswick, NJ, No. 2370 Palisades Park-Fort Lee, NJ, No. 2475 Albuquerque, NM, No. 461 Las Cruces, NM, No. 1119 New York, NY, No. 1 Jamestown, NY, No. 263

Cohoes-Waterford, NY, No. 1317 Ilion, NY, No. 1444 Mamaroneck, NY, No. 1457 Bath, NY, No. 1547 Carthage, NY, No. 1762 Endicott, NY, No. 1977 Sidney, NY, No. 2175 Vestal, NY, No. 2508 Kinderhook, NY, No. 2530 Ironton, OH, No. 177 Cambridge, OH, No. 448 Athens, OH, No. 973 Van Wert, OH, No. 1197 Lorain, OH, No. 1301 Newcomerstown, OH, No. 1555 Port Clinton, OH, No. 1718 Cuyahoga Falls-Akron- Barberton, OH, No. 1923 Massillon-North Canton, OH, No. 2029 Mercer County, OH, No. 2170 Oklahoma City, OK, No. 417 Shawnee, OK, No. 657 Duncan, OK, No. 1446 Sand Springs, OK, No. 2553 Keizer, OR, No. 2472 New Castle, PA, No. 69 Reynoldsville, PA, No. 519 Panama Canal R P, PN, No. 1414 Westerly, RI, No. 678 Charleston, SC, No. 242 Florence, SC, No. 1020 Myrtle Beach, SC, No. 1771



to Community Investments Programs

W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F


LODGE HONOR ROLL Deadwood, SD, No. 508 Marshall, TX, No. 683 Brownsville, TX, No. 1032 Plainview, TX, No. 1175 Crockett, TX, No. 1729 Arlington, TX, No. 2114 Texarkana, TX, No. 2771 Provo, UT, No. 849 Newport News, VA, No. 315 Staunton, VA, No. 351 Martinsville, VA, No. 1752 St. Johnsbury, VT, No. 1343 Brattleboro, VT, No. 1499 Hartford, VT, No. 1541 Naval (Port Angeles), WA, No. 353 Hoquiam, WA, No. 1082 Forks, WA, No. 2524 Wellsburg, WV, No. 1553


$1,000 +


Skagway, AK, No. 431 Soldotna, AK, No. 2706 Bessemer, AL, No. 721 Texarkana, AR, No. 399 Holiday Island, AR, No. 1042 Highland, AR, No. 2539 Tucson, AZ, No. 385 Gila Bend, AZ, No. 2089 Willcox, AZ, No. 2131 Apache Junction, AZ, No. 2349 Lake Havasu City, AZ, No. 2399 Bullhead City, AZ, No. 2408 Tucson East, AZ, No. 2532 Phoenix West, AZ, No. 2729 Sacramento, CA, No. 6 Stockton, CA, No. 218 Fresno, CA, No. 439 Grass Valley, CA, No. 538 Vallejo, CA, No. 559 Bellflower/Long Beach, CA, No. 888 Hanford, CA, No. 1259



Monterey, CA, No. 1285 Tulare, CA, No. 1424 Gardena, CA, No. 1919 Torrance, CA, No. 1948 Redwood City, CA, No. 1991 Chula Vista, CA, No. 2011 San Clemente, CA, No. 2068 Canoga Park, CA, No. 2190 Santa Clarita, CA, No. 2379 Yucaipa, CA, No. 2389 Sky Forest, CA, No. 2393 Simi Valley, CA, No. 2492 Lake Elsinore/Wildomar, CA, No. 2591 Vacaville, CA, No. 2638 Novato, CA, No. 2655 Boulder, CO, No. 566 Florence, CO, No. 611 Englewood, CO, No. 2122 Arvada, CO, No. 2278 Glenwood Springs, CO, No. 2286 Middletown, CT, No. 771 Stamford, CT, No. 899 Naugatuck, CT, No. 967 Milford, CT, No. 1589 Branford, CT, No. 1939 Wethersfield-Rocky Hill, CT, No. 2308 Selbyville, DE, No. 2173 Cape Henlopen, DE, No. 2540 Miami, FL, No. 948 Orlando, FL, No. 1079 Palatka, FL, No. 1232 Deland, FL, No. 1463 Cocoa, FL, No. 1532 Melbourne, FL, No. 1744 Fort Walton, FL, No. 1795 Lake Wales, FL, No. 1974 Hollywood West, FL, No. 2365 Oakland Park, FL, No. 2407 Margate, FL, No. 2463

Jupiter, FL, No. 2469 Brooksville, FL, No. 2582 Crestview, FL, No. 2624 South Hillsborough, FL, No. 2672 Greater Pine Island, FL, No. 2781 Savannah, GA, No. 183 Elberton, GA, No. 1100 Gainesville, GA, No. 1126 Dalton, GA, No. 1267 Perry, IA, No. 407 Lewiston, ID, No. 896 Salmon, ID, No. 1620 Bloomington, IL, No. 281 Streator, IL, No. 591 Kankakee, IL, No. 627 Cairo, IL, No. 651 Clinton, IL, No. 785 Lincoln, IL, No. 914 Jerseyville, IL, No. 954 Robinson, IL, No. 1188 Chicago Northshore, IL, No. 1316 West Frankfort, IL, No. 1340 Anna-Jonesboro, IL, No. 1641 Watseka, IL, No. 1791 Oglesby, IL, No. 2360 Champaign-Urbana, IL, No. 2497 Madison, IN, No. 524 Lebanon, IN, No. 635 Brazil, IN, No. 762 Portland, IN, No. 768 Tipton, IN, No. 1012 Junction City, KS, No. 1037 Princeton, KY, No. 1115 Fall River, MA, No. 118 Holyoke, MA, No. 902 Revere, MA, No. 1171 Leominster, MA, No. 1237 Middleboro, MA, No. 1274 Newton, MA, No. 1327 Wareham, MA, No. 1548 Maynard, MA, No. 1568 Orleans Eastham, MA, No. 2572

Cambridge, MD, No. 1272 Westminster, MD, No. 2277 Abingdon, MD, No. 2354 Chestertown, MD, No. 2474 Calvert, MD, No. 2620 Augusta, ME, No. 964 Rockland, ME, No. 1008 Presque Isle, ME, No. 1954 York, ME, No. 2788 St. Joseph, MI, No. 541 Farmington, MI, No. 1986 Mount Clemens, MI, No. 2124 Gaylord Area, MI, No. 2544 Faribault, MN, No. 1166 Mexico, MO, No. 919 Excelsior Springs, MO, No. 1001 Florissant, MO, No. 2316 West Plains, MO, No. 2418 Poplar Bluff, MO, No. 2452 Blue Springs, MO, No. 2509 Lake Taneycomo, MO, No. 2597 Affton, MO, No. 2635 Ocean Springs, MS, No. 2501 Missoula ‘Hell Gate’, MT, No. 383 Raleigh, NC, No. 735 Sanford, NC, No. 1679 Morganton, NC, No. 1852 Fairbury, NE, No. 1203 Laconia, NH, No. 876 Elmwood Park-Paterson, NJ, No. 60 Hoboken, NJ, No. 74 Long Branch, NJ, No. 742 Kearny, NJ, No. 1050 Summit, NJ, No. 1246 Weehawken, NJ, No. 1456 Middlesex, NJ, No. 1488 Clifton, NJ, No. 1569 Mountainside, NJ, No. 1585 West Orange, NJ, No. 1590

Pompton Lakes, NJ, No. 1895 Mahwah, NJ, No. 1941 Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, No. 1962 Cranford, NJ, No. 2006 Keyport-Matawan, NJ, No. 2030 Passaic Valley, NJ, No. 2111 Princeton, NJ, No. 2129 Old Bridge, NJ, No. 2229 Cedar Grove, NJ, No. 2237 New Milford-Teaneck, NJ, No. 2290 South Plainfield, NJ, No. 2298 Clinton, NJ, No. 2434 Howell, NJ, No. 2515 Dumont, NJ, No. 2593 Millstone, NJ, No. 2613 Silver City, NM, No. 413 Alamogordo, NM, No. 1897 Las Vegas, NV, No. 1468 Rochester, NY, No. 24 Troy, NY, No. 141 Niagara Falls, NY, No. 346 Watertown, NY, No. 496 Cortland, NY, No. 748 Oneida, NY, No. 767 Ogdensburg, NY, No. 772 Mechanicville-Stillwater, NY, No. 1403 Whitehall, NY, No. 1491 Beacon, NY, No. 1493 Massena, NY, No. 1702 Keeseville, NY, No. 2072


5.2% to Veterans Service

W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F





Greenwich, NY, No. 2223 Guilderland, NY, No. 2480 Homer, NY, No. 2506 Esperance, NY, No. 2507 Willoughby-Cleveland, OH, No. 18 Columbus-Grove City, OH, No. 37 Coshocton, OH, No. 376 Marietta, OH, No. 477 Bellevue, OH, No. 1013 Lexington-Shelby, OH, No. 2554 Tulsa, OK, No. 946 Roseburg, OR, No. 326 Lakeview, OR, No. 1536 Condon, OR, No. 1869 Cottage Grove, OR, No. 1904 Independence, OR, No. 1950 Titusville, PA, No. 264 Apollo, PA, No. 386 Bristol, PA, No. 970 Sayre, PA, No. 1148 Aliquippa, PA, No. 1221 Ephrata, PA, No. 1933 South Kingstown, RI, No. 1899 Summerville, SC, No. 2719 Brookings, SD, No. 1490 Nashville-Franklin, TN, No. 72 Chattanooga, TN, No. 91 Knoxville, TN, No. 160 Columbia, TN, No. 686

Pulaski, TN, No. 1827 Gatlinburg, TN, No. 1925 Lewisburg, TN, No. 1990 Camden, TN, No. 2156 Lawrenceburg, TN, No. 2206 Dallas, TX, No. 71 Mc Allen, TX, No. 1402 El Campo, TX, No. 1749 Sherman, TX, No. 2280 Mesquite, TX, No. 2404 Katy, TX, No. 2628 Park City, UT, No. 734 Hampton, VA, No. 366 Charlottesville, VA, No. 389 Springfield, VT, No. 1560 Vancouver, WA, No. 823 Ballard(Seattle), WA, No. 827 Kelso/Longview, WA, No. 1482 Auburn, WA, No. 1808 Mount Adams (White Salmon), WA, No. 1868 Columbia Basin, WA, No. 1930 Lynnwood, WA, No. 2171 Ocean Shores-North Beach, WA, No. 2581 Marshfield, WI, No. 665 Platteville, WI, No. 1460 Clarksburg, WV, No. 482 Rawlins, WY, No. 609 Casper, WY, No. 1353 Riverton, WY, No. 1693 Lander, WY, No. 2317

BEQUESTS The Elks National Foundation honors the following remarkably generous people who, from April 1, 2009, through March 31, 2010, left bequests to the ENF. Though they are no longer with us, their legacy to the future will continue to expand our philanthropy. Mr. John O. Akins Fullerton, CA, Lodge No. 1993 Ms. Janet H. Breslin Englewood, CO, Lodge No. 2122 Mr. George A. Crittenden Glendale, CA, Lodge No. 1289 Mr. Stanford D. Graham Bordentown, NJ, Lodge No. 2085 Mr. Roger E. Harmon Westchester, CA, Lodge No. 2050 Mr. James G. Hess Springfield, IL, Lodge No. 158 Mrs. Edna S. Hoxie Ludington, MI, Lodge No. 736 Mr. Ernest Huglin Garden Grove, CA, Lodge No. 1952 Ms. Virginia M. Kay Friend of the ENF, IL Howard and Betty Kramer Des Plaines, IL, Lodge No. 1526 Mrs. Sadie Logus Oregon City, OR, Lodge No. 1189 Mr. Maurice J. London Las Vegas, NV, Lodge No. 1468 Donald and Doris Nolte Paradise, CA, Lodge No. 2026 Mr. Harry Rhoads Columbia City, IN, Lodge No. 1417 Mr. Gordon Thomas Runciman Friend of the ENF, FL Ms. Mary Ann Stindt Escondido, CA, Lodge No. 1687 Mr. Benjamin L. Stotts Pompano Beach, FL, Lodge No. 1898 Mr. Leon J. Vaillancourt Big Bear Lake, CA, Lodge No. 1787 Mr. Chris Williams Friend of the ENF, CA To learn more about how you can benefit from leaving your legacy, contact your financial advisor and visit


W W W. E L K S . O R G / E N F


MATCHING GIFTS HONOR ROLL 2009-10 Thank you to the following companies that, during the 200910 fiscal year, matched the gifts or the volunteer hours given by Elks members and their families to the Elks National Foundation. Through their matching gifts, these companies have generously invested in our nation’s youth, veterans and communities. 3M Foundation Aetna Foundation AIG Amica Companies Foundation Anheuser-Busch Co. Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation Bachmann, Hess, Bachmann and Garden PLLC Bank of America Foundation Barnes Group Foundation, Inc. Chevron Corporation Cooper Industries Costco Matching Gift Program Edison International GE Foundation Goodrich Corporation

Key Foundation Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company Morgan Stanley Pepsi Bottling Group Foundation, Inc. Pfizer Foundation Pizzagalli Construction Company Polycom, Inc. Prudential Financial RBC Foundation Regence Group Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Site Stuff Tower Laboratories Ltd. Unilever United Launch Alliance Wachovia Foundation


JOHN F. MALLEY SOCIETY The John F. Malley Society honors individuals who plan gifts to the ENF. We sincerely thank the following members who have joined since April 1, 2009. For more information about the Society, visit or contact Kate Keating Edsey at 773.755.4866.

Mr. John W. Buza Mr. Edward G. Downs Mr. Frank H. Frazier PER Mr. Geffrey K. McDaniel

Mr. E. Lance Nelson Mr. Bruce St. Cyr Mr. Robert E. Taylor PER

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