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Job Purpose. You will be the Head of Online Trading in the Lakeland Web Team, working closely with the other team members in the Marketing Department.
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Head of Online TradingJOB HOLDER:


E-Commerce Manager

DEPARTMENT: Marketing – Web Team

ANALYST: James Stringer DATE: March 2012

Job Purpose You will be the Head of Online Trading in the Lakeland Web Team, working closely with the other team members in the Marketing Department. The primary purpose of the Web Team is to maintain, develop and promote the Lakeland website to standards that meet and ideally exceed the standards of competing retail websites in the UK, in addition to the high standards set by Lakeland itself for customer service and customer experience. The primary purpose of the Lakeland web site is sales generation and the primary purpose of this role is to improve the sales performance of the website through developing the customer experience. This will often be undertaken in conjunction with external agencies that provide specialist services and advice, and you will be required to manage the delivery of these services. In addition, the Web Team is also responsible for assisting other departments in meeting their objectives and achieving the targets of Lakeland as a whole. You will be expected to play your full part in achieving the Web Team’s purpose. You may also, as and when required, be requested to carry out non-web based tasks, to assist the wider marketing team in the attainment of their goals.

Functions 1. You will be responsible for the day-to-day trading of the website to maximise online revenue and visitor engagement activity. 2. You will develop, continually review and optimise site merchandising to improve conversion rates and average order values. This will include: a. Understanding and developing key online customer journeys. b. Creating and testing merchandising rules to better promote products and promotions in both search and browse scenarios.

c. Developing online visual merchandising schemes inline with our stores and catalogue. d. Ensuring linguistics rules are managed to maximise product exposure from search terms. e. Testing different product recommendation strategies. f. Optimising individual product pages. 3. You will plan and own the merchandising calendar to ensure the site is inline with marketing activity and external opportunities. 4. Working closely with creative resource you will manage the development of landing pages and site content to support the in-store experience, reenforce category authority, develop SEO coverage and provide a improved brand experience. 5. You will liaise with Buying to identify and fulfil demand-based opportunities for further products/ranges/brands. 6. You will assist others in the Team in optimising inbound visitor landing pages with the goal of increasing sales generate via search engines and acquisition marketing. You will proactively investigate areas of the site that may benefit from improvement, keeping yourself informed of the latest SEO industry developments, reporting to colleagues and management your findings. 7. You will be an ‘expert user’ of Web Merchandising tools, using these to manage product exposure via rules applied to the testing, segmentation and merchandising strategies on the site, as and when required by the colleagues and managers. 8. You will be an ‘expert user’ of Web Analytics tools, using these to establish the key customer journeys, product effectiveness, search results and testing results. 9. Where data is required but not currently captured through existing methods you will investigate new methods of capturing data, for example commissioning customer surveys. 10. You will liaise with external agencies in relation to executing the above duties, reporting on issues arising to your manager and colleagues. 11. You will keep yourself abreast of industry developments and actively monitor other websites for new ideas and functionality. 12. You will be proactive in identifying your own developmental and training needs and report them to you manager. 13. You will assist your colleagues in responding to all correspondence to the Web Team, and when necessary the Marketing Department in general. 14. You will liaise with netshop regarding customer queries and problems etc and help them with any business enquiries. 15. Finally, on occasions when colleagues are away through illness or leave (or simply require assistance), you will assist in the execution of their duties, proactively familiarising yourself when time allows with their roles and responsibilities.

Decision Making, Authority, Control and Supervision You will communicate freely with the Catalogue Editor, E-Commerce Manager, and Director of Marketing. You will report to the E-Commerce Manager. You will not be directly responsible for any colleagues, however you will manage outsourced work as if they were team members. You will work on your own, as well as with the rest of the Marketing Team. When on your own, it is important that the E-Commerce Manager knows what you are doing and where you are in the scheme of things. You will have a relatively unsupervised role, so a responsible attitude is required; any one colleague’s lack of commitment will have a negative result on the work of others. You will need to be able to prioritise and set daily deadlines of what you aim to achieve, trying where possible to complete them by the end of each day. Planning ‘what needs to be done when’ will be discussed and agreed with the E-Commerce Manager. You may be privy to sensitive or confidential information, which you must handle with discretion and responsibility. Important Working Relationships You will liaise closely with the Director of Marketing, Catalogue Editor, ECommerce Manager and other members of the Marketing Team, and occasionally Directors. It is a small team, where we all understand each other’s jobs, so a good working atmosphere and a ‘hands on’ approach are fundamental to all aspects of web production. A good relationship with the E-Commerce Manager is essential. There is a tight schedule on all web production work and you will work with the E-Commerce Manager to set working goals. It will be your responsibility to work to these deadlines and ensure that what is produced is accurate and detailed. A particularly good working relationship with your colleagues is also essential, as you will often work together on certain tasks. It is therefore important that you communicate well with each other to ensure a smooth operation. A large amount of communication in the Department is by telephone and e-mail, especially with our external agencies. You will need to have an efficient and professional approach to dealing with queries and situations. The need to take on the responsibility for an issue and deal with it quickly is vital, so an awareness and understanding of what else is going on in the department is important.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Proven experience of merchandising principles and tactics Strong commitment to customer service and commercial marketing awareness. A basic understanding of HTML A degree in a business related discipline, or equivalent relevant work experience. Minimum C grade at GCSE Maths and English Good understanding of English grammar Good understanding of the Internet, the World Wide Web and how websites are constructed and managed Attention to detail Self-motivated and able to work autonomously as well as in a team Good understanding of Lakeland products and customers The capacity to analyse, plan and organise your work in order to achieve multiple goals in a fast-paced changing environment. Excellent personal communication and relationship-building skills, both internally and with external suppliers. Computer skills that must include a detailed understanding of Microsoft Word and Excel, and ideally go beyond. Time taken to achieve minimum competence standard is 3 months.

Job Challenges and other Key Skills You will be expected to take a conscientious approach to work in order to meet our deadlines. The work comes through in peaks and troughs, and there will be times when the team has to work flat out. It should be made quite clear that this is not a normal ‘9 to 5’ role. The needs of the business must come first and there will be times you will be required to work later or start earlier. The following skills and experience would also be advantageous: • Web Merchandising software, such as Adobe Merchandising or equivalents such as Fredhopper or Celebros. • Web Analytics software, such as Adobe Site Catalyst or equivalents such as CoreMetrics or Google Analytics. • Adobe Photoshop (basic image editing skills) • Adobe Dreamweaver (basic HTML editing skills) • Experience of Macintosh computers

Organisational Chart

Director of Marketing E-Commerce Manager Head of Online Trading

Within 6 months we expect you to achieve the following duties: Duty To have a detailed understanding of the Lakeland business, its departments and the industry. Evidence of Effective Performance • You will communicate an active interest in new developments within the Company and the industry. • You will appreciate the quality of relationship the Company seeks to establish and maintain with suppliers. • You will be able to give examples of excellent Customer Service (knowing why they are examples of excellence) and talk knowledgeably about ‘the Lakeland Customer’. ************************************************************************ Duty To put the Lakeland ethos into action in relation to individual work, colleagues, customers, suppliers and our communities. Evidence of Effective Performance • You will behave consistently with the Company’s purpose and values, in relation to your own work and in doing so communicate them to colleagues, customers, suppliers and within our communities. ************************************************************************

Duty To ensure reports are produced to the highest standards of accuracy, within deadline. Evidence of Effective Performance • You will maintain an effective dialogue with the E-Commerce Manager, so as to set and meet deadlines; to understand requirements and to anticipate or resolve problems. • You will take responsibility for planning, agreeing and monitoring appropriate workloads, priorities and targets for yourself, colleagues, as well as agencies in relation to deadlines. ************************************************************************ Duty To make efficient and effective use of the Lakeland and agency computer systems. Evidence of Effective Performance • You will use the relevant Citrix functions; produce accurate documents in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word, be proficient using the Apple Mac system. • You will use the available analytic tools to produce required reports, accurately and in a timely manner. Such tools include, but not exclusively so, Omniture Site Catalyst, Omniture Merchandising, keyword visibility software and the Silverpop E-Mail system. • You will help to train your colleagues in the responsibilities of your role, so that there is cover when you are not available.